Reddit Is Seriously Disappointed In These Trader Joe's Tacos

Although there are many Trader Joe's food items that have cult followings, not every product from the popular grocery chain hits the mark. In fact, there are Redditors out there who find some Trader Joe's products "awful." But what is it about some of these food items that moves them from one extreme end of the customer-satisfaction spectrum all the way to the other?

According to Real Simple, product failings typically come down to four main factors: questionable ingredients, poor taste/quality, early spoilage, and price. For instance, you should think twice about buying sushi at Trader Joe's because the quality is consistently low. Similarly, shoppers aren't thrilled with Trader Joe's quinoa tortillas due to their cardboard-esque texture, nor is everyone impressed with the cauliflower pizza crust, which Women's Health Magazine considers a soggy "total and utter betrayal" to all pizza-lovers.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe's mini beef tacos seem to be joining these failed products, considering how Reddit is far from impressed with them. Sorry, Trader Joe's, but the expectations and reality of this product are two very different pictures. 

Why does Reddit have a beef with Trader Joe's mini tacos?

If you eat a lot of tacos, you know that these handheld creations can vary quite notably in type and quality. And in the case of store-bought frozen tacos, some just never really have a chance. Reddit's general consensus seems to be that Trader Joe's mini beef tacos are among this ill-fated frozen group.

In a now-deleted post on r/traderjoes, one Reddit user posted a picture of their mini beef taco, which more closely resembled a tortilla chip with a clump of ground beef than any taco we've ever seen. Another Redditor asked, "Where's the beef?" to which a third person responded, "At Arby's." Others joked that Trader Joe's took "mini" a little too literally.

Another person commented BYOB, or "Bring your own beef," and someone else wrote, "None taco left beef," in reference to the weird pizza order meme. Still another Redditor suggested that Trader Joe's was "taking this shrinkflation stuff pretty seriously," and to be fair, shrinkflation has had consumers scrutinizing packages in recent months. So while these tacos may not meet shoppers' expectations, they do technically live up to their packaging.