Store-Bought Marshmallows Ranked From Worst To Best

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If you've ever been camping, then you know the absolute necessity of having some chocolate, crackers, and perhaps most importantly, a large bag of marshmallows nearby for roasting over a fire and crafting into the perfect s'mores. Even if you aren't going on a camping trip or making smores at home, marshmallows are a wonderful treat to have nearby. 

Whether you're using them as a topping for a serving of ice cream, a cup of hot chocolate, or simply having one of the fluffy treats on its own, there's no denying just how sweet and sensational a good marshmallow can be.

We're all probably most familiar with the bags of large, white marshmallows that commonly sit on store shelves. There are actually loads of different kinds of marshmallows out there, and they're all wonderful to add to your next dessert. Considering just how popular marshmallows are, you'd assume that there would be a large demand for them, and you'd be right.

There are loads of different companies that sell marshmallows in stores to meet this demand. Several different marshmallow varieties are available and ready for you to buy and plop into your next hot chocolate. Given all the different varieties of marshmallows out there, if you find yourself confused in the candy aisle, then it's best to find out which marshmallow brands are the best before your next visit to the grocery store. 

Stuffed Puffs

What do hot chocolate and a freshly made s'more have in common? Aside from marshmallows, both delicious treats include chocolate. Chocolate is rich, smooth, and decadent, and it's a necessity in many a dessert. Marshmallows and chocolate go together like bread and butter: Where there are marshmallows, chocolate is bound to follow. 

You can't make a good s'more without chocolate and marshmallows together, so why not sell them together? Stuffed Puffs is a line of marshmallows that you can find in stores. Stuffed Puffs are available in three different flavors, but they all have one thing in common: There's chocolate within each marshmallow.

You'd think that a chocolate stuffed marshmallow would taste amazing, and there are definitely many people who agree and adore these treats (via Stuffed Puffs). On the flip side, however, there are many who feel as if the chocolate takes away from the marshmallow. 

The chocolate on the inside of each marshmallow can be quite dry, and when compared to the chocolate you'd find on a s'more, it's thoroughly disappointing (via Amazon). If we pair a marshmallow with chocolate, we want to have the choice to do so, and we want that chocolate to not taste chalky. We'd recommend buying regular marshmallows and a chocolate bar instead of Stuffed Puffs. 

Trader Joe's Marshmallows

When you look for a good bag of marshmallows, you can't just think about the taste. While that is definitely the most important part of a marshmallow, there are a few other things you have to consider: Size, softness, and of course, the price. Even if you think marshmallows are one of the greatest foods in the world, you have to draw the line somewhere. Some of the products at Trader Joe's can be a little more on the expensive side in terms of grocery stores.

Considering the higher prices at Trader Joe's, you'd expect most of the products the store carries to be of much higher quality, and for the most part, this is the case. However, when it comes to the marshmallows sold by Trader Joe's, nothing really stands out. Don't get us wrong: These marshmallows are definitely marshmallows. 

They're sweet, have that sugary vanilla taste we all know and love, and are easily roastable. However, they are definitely on the more expensive side, and they aren't the easiest to find: In fact, the product doesn't pop up on the Trader Joe's website. Since they're pricier and it's uncertain whether they will be in stock or not, these marshmallows are definitely not the best option. 

Sarah's Candy Factory Marshmallows

If you haven't heard of Sarah's Candy Factory Marshmallows, we wouldn't blame you. It isn't the most well-known brand out there, but it does specialize in all things sweet. You can find  chocolates, hard candies, and marshmallows at Sarah's candy factory. 

The product in question, of course, is the marshmallows. You'd assume a company that specializes in marshmallows and other candies to have really good marshmallows,  and you'd be right, though when those marshmallows are expensive, they aren't the first product we'd opt for. 

First and foremost, these marshmallows check all the boxes to be considered a good marshmallow in terms of flavor. They're also vegan, which is a huge plus. However, you likely aren't going to find them in too many grocery stores you go to on a weekly basis, and even if you look for these gourmet marshmallows online, they are extremely pricey. 

A twenty-four-ounce box of the sugary treats goes for about $20, which is way more than the more expensive marshmallows you might come across. While we might get these marshmallows every once in a while, they definitely wouldn't be our go-to brand.

Whole Foods Marshmallows

Whole Foods is notorious for its high prices. You can find loads of clean, quality produce, poultry, and all sorts of foods at Whole Foods, but it's all pretty expensive. You either love or hate Whole Foods, and the same can be said about any of the products they carry. The 365 Marshmallows sold under the Whole Foods name aren't actually the most expensive marshmallows out there, but when you compare them to other marshmallows you can find in stores, they aren't exactly the cheapest on the market, either.

These marshmallows aren't half bad in terms of flavor. They're good for roasting, and while they are admittedly a little less sweet than other marshmallows, if you're someone who doesn't like the overly sweet marshmallows that line store shelves, then you'll definitely enjoy these. 

However, they cost about $2.50, making them much more expensive than some of the other marshmallow offerings. If they were a bit sweeter, we might have been able to give these marshmallows a pass, but unless we were looking for marshmallows that don't have a good level of sweetness, we'd have to go for another marshmallow brand.

Campfire Marshmallows

There's a lot to keep in mind when judging marshmallow products: Taste, price, and the level of sweetness. It's extremely important to figure out which brand offers the best quality marshmallows. The size of the marshmallows is another important factor. Sure, a regular marshmallow is good for roasting, but sometimes, when you're hoping to make sure your entire s'more is covered in gooey sweetness, you may end up using more than one marshmallow, but then that might be too much for the s'more. 

When your marshmallows are expensive and a little too big, however, they can't be used for these purposes, and such is the case for the Campfire Marshmallow brand. The Campfire marshmallows are available in multiple sizes: Mini marshmallows for hot chocolate, but more notably, giant marshmallows to fit on s'mores. They taste good enough, and there are many people who love these marshmallows (via Amazon). 

However, multiple reviews also note that these marshmallows are huge and maybe a little too big for s'mores. One shopper noted that they were too large to fit onto your regular graham cracker, and even though you know that they are jumbo marshmallows, you'd at least expect them to be a little bit more compatible with the other ingredients needed to make s'mores.

Meijer Marshmallows

If you're travelling through the Midwest, then you've likely come across the grocery store chain known as Meijer. The company prides itself on its friendliness to customers, and its fresh, quality goods. Like most grocery store chains, Meijer carries its own line of products under the store name, and that includes a set of marshmallows. They actually carry marshmallows in multiple sizes, including regular and mini packs — perfect for a homemade cup of hot chocolate. These marshmallows definitely have a lot going for them, and aside from a few small things, they'd definitely be on the higher end of the marshmallow scale.

These marshmallows are incredibly cheap, especially compared to the $20 marshmallows we previously discussed. Sitting around a comfortable $1 per bag, the Meijer marshmallows are on the cheaper end, which generally makes one wonder if a product tastes cheap, as well. They aren't as sweet as other marshmallows, containing just a bit less sugar than other marshmallows (via Meijer), which might be a hit or miss, depending on how sugary you like them. Aside from that, however, along with the fact you'd have to get these at a Meijer location, these marshmallows strike us as being a pretty solid deal.

Hammond's Marshmallows

Regular vanilla marshmallows are delicious, but if that's all you've ever had, it's possible you've grown bored of the same white, fluffy treat. This is why marshmallows are often enjoyed with  chocolate or ice cream. Some marshmallows, however, aren't just sold in the classic vanilla flavor. In fact, some brands, such as Hammonds, sell marshmallows in a variety of flavors

As a confectionery company, Hammonds is a brand that knows what it's doing in terms of sweet treats, so when we're looking for a good marshmallow, we know we're in good hands with Hammonds. The number of marshmallow flavors that Hammonds carries is fairly long: Birthday cake, peppermint, strawberry cream, caramel pumpkin, and more. As many customers note, most of the flavors are wonderful, and many consumers note (via Amazon). 

However, they also muse that some flavors are much better than others. They further comment that some of the flavors are quite foul. Depending on which flavor you get from Hammonds, you'll either be in for an incredibly delicious experience or one that is not as sweet, and even then, the marshmallows are pretty expensive. If you're going to pay a larger amount for marshmallows, why not make sure that they taste amazing, no matter which flavor they're sold in?

Kroger Marshmallows

For almost a century, Kroger's shelves have been filled with quality products, and that includes sugary sweets. Because Kroger offers such a vast range of products, it's only natural for the store to carry marshmallows. You don't expect store-brand marshmallows to taste the sweetest or even the best, but when you can only buy said marshmallows at particular grocery stores, you might expect more out of the product, or at least a reasonable price point. 

Kroger Marshmallows don't really bring anything new to the table. They're sweet and fluffy, and they're available in both a regular and mini sizes. While Kroger doesn't sell jumbo marshmallows, the marshmallows Kroger does carry are sold at an incredibly low price. Most brands sell marshmallows for about $2-$4 a pack, but the listed price for Kroger's marshmallows is about $1.20 (via Kroger). While you can only get these marshmallows at Kroger, and you can't get them in a larger size, the lower price is definitely an appealing trait of these marshmallows.

Max Mallow

Even though most marshmallow brands are different from each other, they do have one thing in common: Sugar. Marshmallows are primarily made of sugar, which is what makes them so sweet. But have you ever wanted to enjoy a marshmallow without all the sugar? 

Well, Know Brainer's Max Mallows might be the solution for you. These marshmallows are not only sugar-free, but they're also keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and contain zero net carbs. They also have a wide variety of flavors for you to select, including cinnamon toast and mint chip.

These marshmallows are quite popular, especially the mint chip flavor, which makes use of the delicious combination of chocolate and mint. The flavor is described as being wonderful, although you won't be able to roast them like a regular marshmallow, which we could see being a turn-off for some marshmallow fans (via Amazon). 

It should also be noted that these marshmallows are extremely expensive, so you may also not want to buy them for that reason. However, if you end up receiving these marshmallows as a Christmas gift, or if you do find yourself buying them, we can safely say that they will taste great (especially the mint chip).

Bakers Corner Marshmallows

There's no overstating just how grateful many people are to have Aldi around. When you walk into an Aldi, you'll see lots of products and goods all being sold for a low, inexpensive cost. There are Aldi stores all across the U.S., and you'll find loads of its brand name products at each location. This, of course, includes marshmallows, which are sold specifically at Aldi under the Baker's Corner brand.

Marshmallows are simply made up of sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin, so most marshmallows taste pretty similar. Even though Aldi's marshmallows are available at a lower price, they taste pretty similar to some of the leading marshmallow brands out there. 

This brand also sells the fluffy treat in different sizes: You can get them in their regular size, though you can also get mini marshmallows, which work well for ice cream sundaes or hot chocolate. You'd have to get this brand in particular from an Aldi, and that's the only place you could get them, but since Aldi is so widespread across the country, you'll probably have an easier time finding these than some other marshmallow brands. 

Good & Gather Marshmallows

Target is another grocery store that you've probably shopped at: With 75% of the U.S. population living within 10 miles of a Target store, it's a safe assumption to say that most people have stepped inside a Target at least once (via Target). Target sells marshmallows under the Good and Gather brand. 

Good and Gather sell both regular and mini marshmallows, with cute little faces drawn on the bag, making it look like the marshmallows themselves have the faces. Don't let the cuteness deter you from enjoying these treats, however, because they do taste pretty good.

These marshmallows are fairly cheap, and both the regular and mini marshmallows are sold for just under a dollar (as per Target). Yes, you would have to get these at Target, but since Targets are fairly common, there's a good chance you live nearby a store that carries these treats. 

They also taste great: They're sweet, fluffy, and perfect for s'mores. If you're ever in a Target and are in need of some good marshmallows, then you may want to give the Good and Gather brand a try.

Happy Belly Marshmallows

No matter where you are in the country, it's near impossible to say that you haven't shopped on Amazon or at least heard of the name. The online shopping store truly does seem to have it all: Clothes, gadgets, health materials, and it's all delivered to you in a box. More recently, Amazon began looking into selling more foods, as it has purchased the Whole Foods brand and has begun to feature more edible products. 

In addition to the Whole Foods products, you can also find the "Happy Belly" brand on Amazon, which offers trail mix, crackers, and marshmallows by the bag. The marshmallows are surprisingly good for an Amazon brand. Reviewers note that they taste the same as some of the leading store brands, and they appreciate the convenience of ordering the treat online. 

However, something to note is that the prices of the marshmallows are rather strange. The regular marshmallows sell for a reasonable price, but the mini marshmallows go for much more, as they're priced at about $7. 

You might not want to get the mini marshmallows for that price, especially considering you would have to wait for the marshmallows to be shipped, but as for the regular marshmallows, we could see ourselves enjoying them every now and then.


Gelatin is an important component of a marshmallow. The gelatin is what gives the marshmallow its shape, along with its fluffy, gooey texture (as per C&EN). However, gelatin isn't vegan, so if you're looking for a good vegan marshmallow, you'll have to look for one that doesn't contain any gelatin. Fortunately, there are vegan marshmallows out there, including the Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

These marshmallows don't have any gelatin, and they also contain no corn syrup, along with no artificial flavors. They're a bit more expensive than your typical bag of marshmallows, but they taste surprisingly good, especially for vegan marshmallows.

The flavor of these marshmallows is impeccable. They're sweet, and they taste heavily of vanilla. They don't melt or burn as easily as regular marshmallows, so if you're hoping to use them for s'mores, it'll take a bit longer for them to heat up (via Amazon). 

However, according to another reviewer, if you cut them up, they melt faster, and you could use them in recipes, such as your own homemade Rice Krispy treats. They aren't the most expensive vegan marshmallow (or marshmallow in general, for that matter), so if you are looking for a good vegan marshmallow, Dandies marshmallows are definitely a brand you shouldn't ignore.

Great Value Marshmallows

Walmart is one of the biggest store chains across the country. You can find almost anything you need at Walmart, especially when it comes to foodstuffs: Meat, frozen goods, produce, and of course, sweets. If you're shopping at a Walmart, then you've likely come across its "Great Value" brand of goods. 

The Great Value name encompasses loads of different food items at Walmart, including Great Value Marshmallows, which taste just as sweet as some of the most popular name brands, and are overall quite fantastic.

The Great Value Marshmallows are sold in both regular and mini sizes. They're sold at a good price, listed at a dollar on the Walmart website, so not only do these marshmallows taste great, but they're cheap, as well. 

Since you can purchase both mini marshmallows and regular marshmallows, you could use the Great Value products for multiple treats: Hot chocolate, a marshmallow sundae, and everything in between. Reviewers of these products adore the cheap, affordable price, along with the sweet, fluffy, and gooey texture. We could easily see ourselves stopping by a Walmart and grabbing a bag of these marshmallows, and if you live nearby a Walmart, you might want to, as well.

Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

The Kraft Food Company is one of many brands that sell numerous marshmallow products, and while some are only around during a particular time of the year, every kind of marshmallow is uniquely delicious. If you've walked down the grocery store aisle that typically contains marshmallows, then there's a good chance that you've seen the Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, and for good reason. These marshmallows are iconic.

There are loads of marshmallows under the Kraft brand: Regular marshmallows, mini marshmallows, and even marshmallows made specifically for s'mores. They also have various flavored marshmallows, including pumpkin-flavored marshmallows that are sold during the Fall and peppermint marshmallows that are available as the winter season nears. 

If you're a fan of these flavors, then you'll love the Kraft marshmallows. Each and every marshmallow product sold by Kraft is sweet, fluffy, and everything you could ask for in a good marshmallow. They roast easily, and they taste amazing. If you're looking for a good marshmallow brand that's also affordable, then the Kraft Jet-Puffed brand is definitely your best option.