These Are Paul Hollywood's Favorite Foods To Bake

Fans of "The Great British Bake Off" have every reason to be excited, as the new season of the mega-popular baking competition show is right around the corner. Season 13 was supposed to launch on September 13 on Channel 4, but it was postponed following Queen Elizabeth's death. So we'll wait a bit more for the return of the beloved baking show and its wholesome hosts, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, along with familiar judges, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. 

Without a doubt, the judges are ready to taste the exciting and delicious bakes that will be made by a new batch of 12 amateur bakers competing for the winning spot (via The List). The new bakers would probably be better off by studying some of Hollywood's tips and tricks before filming the show, and if they did so, perhaps they've seen Hollywood's top kitchen essentials, which he shared on BBC Good Food. Those include various baking trays and tins, dough scrapers, sourdough equipment, and a good oven. And other things that would be good to know are Hollywood's favorite foods to bake.

Paul Hollywood's favorites include lemon drizzle cake, sausage rolls, pizza, and scones

The famous baker and "GBBO" judge, Paul Hollywood, shared his best-ever bakes with Independent, and you might be surprised with some of his choices. First on the list is lemon drizzle cake, which he praises for its citrusy zing. Hollywood recommends serving the sweet cake with a cup of tea on the side, and who are we not to listen to the expert? Another favorite is a sausage roll, traditionally made with pork sausage meat and shortcrust or puff pastry (via TheKitchn). Hollywood loves these rolls with the addition of Stilton cheese and juicy caramelized onions (via Independent). Yum. 

Pizza is another favorite for the master baker, and he says that all that's needed for a good pizza are "decent tomatoes" and "good cheese." Hollywood's final favorite food to bake is the simple, classic, and humble scones. And if you'd like to make them yourselves, he has an important tip — use strong bread flour for the best results. Scones are flaky and dense, often served as a snack with tea, and they're typically topped with fruit jam, clotted cream, butter, or honey (per Delighted Cooking). 

But if you thought that scones are Hollywood's favorite snack, you'd be wrong, as the baker absolutely loves the Greek take on the kebab, called souvlaki. So pick one of Hollywood's favorites and start baking — you won't regret making any of them.