The Sweet Reason Daphne Oz Honored Her Mom With A Pasta Dish

Host of "The Good Dish" Daphne Oz often takes to social media to share the unique culinary creations she makes for her family for special occasions, such as birthday cakes and holiday bakes. In August of 2021, the celebrity chef posted a video on Instagram featuring her sharing her family's secret recipe for German chocolate cake including the technique for making the "silkiest frosting"  to celebrate her husband John's birthday. Hint — you'll use caramelized condensed milk, butter, and egg yolks. 

When Orthodox Christmas came around in January, Oz made Serbian Christmas bread, of which she says in the caption of her post, "if you're into warm buttery milky rich bread, the whole thing is pure gold!!!" And, in August 2022, she took to Instagram again in honor of John's birthday, this time displaying a torta Caprese, which she describes as an "Italian flourless chocolate cake."

While Oz clearly loves baking for her immediate family of six, she also pulled out all the stops for her mother's birthday in July 2022, making a pasta dish certainly worthy of a spectacular birthday and sharing her recipe on TikTok.

Daphne Oz's vegetarian pasta

In a TikTok video, Daphne Oz walks viewers step by step through making a vegetarian pasta dish. The "creamy mushroom pasta" includes morel and maitake mushrooms, corn, cilantro, chives, Parmesan cheese, and pappardelle pasta and is detailed in a TikTok dedicated to teaching fans how to make the dish she created in honor of her mother's birthday. "My mama taught me how to be adventurous and happily intuitive in the kitchen, how to feed a crowd, and most of all, how to capture the sense of fun and celebration in every meal – and hopefully this deliciously umami-boosted tribute dish helps you do all of the above," Oz captioned the video. One thing about Oz is that she never compromises flavor for nutrition, as demonstrated in this video.

Fans took to the comment section to applaud the dish, such as one user who wrote "Just made this!!! So freaking good!!!!!! Total hit in my house," while others just wanted to ooh and ahh over Oz's look. In the video, the TV personality wears white shorts and a matching tank with loose waves in her hair. "You are stunning as always!" commented one user. It seems both the pasta and the chef are a hit.