Aldi Just Dropped The Return Date For Its Holiday Advent Calendars

Advent is the English word that stems from the Latin adventus, meaning "arriving" but used especially for arrivals of a very important sort (per Etymonline). Advent generally refers to the weeks prior to Christmas, and most Advent calendars begin on December 1, when the countdown to Christmas begins. In Latin, the word is associated with glorious arrivals, often of a military sort (per Catholic Exchange). That sounds like an appropriate background for Aldi's Advent Calendars, which some would say are pretty glorious in their own right. 

While many traditional Advent calendars feature images or bible verses, the more common ones sold in supermarkets feature daily doses of chocolate behind each numbered window. Sometimes you have to work a little for your reward, as traditional calendars don't present the numbers in order, they are hidden somewhere in the image printed on the calendar's face.

Customers already know how good Aldi's chocolate is, and their Choceur Advent calendars are cute to boot. In recent years, companies have capitalized on the Advent calendar theme and expanded the range of treats — it's not just chocolate anymore. You can find Advent calendars with tea and jam, and an array of other items including these options from Sam's Club. Aldi has gotten on the bandwagon, too and their countdown items aren't just for kids. This year's versions include cheese and hard seltzer options (per Instagram).

Aldi Advent Calendar's are dropping sooner than you think

Aldi is known for its wonderful and fabulously affordable calendars. But as many people have learned the hard way, once they're sold, the Advent calendars are not coming back until next year.

Knowing how time-sensitive the calendars' arrival is, when will they hit stores? You need to know or you risk being left empty-handed. This year's date confirms the general impression that holiday retail periods are getting earlier and earlier, as Halloween candy and decorations were prominently displayed by the end of the summer, and the trend shows no signs of letting up (per Insider Intelligence). But unless you're Tim Burton, you can't really have Halloween and Christmas side by side (Via Entertainment Weekly).

It seems that Aldi will drop its Advent calendars on Wednesday, November 2, according to an @aldiusa Instagram post. The caption reads "We couldn't keep the secret – our holiday calendars return November 2nd!" In addition to the aforementioned cheese and hard seltzer varieties, you'll also find the Aldi wine Advent calendar in stores again. We can't blame you if you're thinking what one commenter stated, "BEST TIME OF THE YEAR."