Hershey Thinks You Should Celebrate Halloween Early This Year

Although it's still peak pumpkin spice season, brands are gearing up for Halloween and all things spooky and sweet. There were concerns about a candy shortage before this year's Halloween, but thankfully, Hershey jumped in to respond to the candy shortage news and assured customers that the company would be in better shape than last year.

This is good news because a Mashed poll revealed that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the best Halloween candy to receive, and this peanut butter-filled candy comes from the Hershey Company, which is kicking off Halloween early this year.

According to a press release, results from a survey that Hershey conducted via The Harris Poll shares that 70% of parents with children under the age of 18 think it's OK to start celebrating Halloween before October even starts. Even if you don't have kids, plenty of adults are ready to ring in the spookiest time of the year — according to the survey, 60% of adults believe that Halloween festivities can begin before October. Hershey is ready to help out Halloween lovers, and the company is currently running a promotion to give fans the chance to win a free Halloween starter kit.

How to enter Hershey's Halloween sweepstakes

If you're ready to kick off the Halloween season with some free treats from Hershey, you'll want to enter the giveaway as soon as possible. According to the Hershey Company's press release, the winners of the Halloween starter kits will go to the first people who comment on the brand's Instagram and Twitter posts. The posts state that the kit includes "all the wicked supplies you need to get the season started."

To enter the giveaway, hopeful participants just need to comment on the social media post with the hashtags #HersheyHalloweenKit and #Giveaway, though the Instagram post encourages people to also state their favorite Halloween activities. Hershey's giveaway for its starter kits runs until September 17, and you don't need to make any purchases to enter.

Looking to start stocking up on Halloween candy? Mars announced its 2022 Halloween candy lineup, which includes M&M's Mad Scientist mix, and more brands will be rolling out seasonal offerings soon. What Halloween candy are you most excited about this year?