The Aldi Bread Reddit Is Calling 'The Worst' It's Ever Tasted

When the internet encounters something it likes, it tends to spread like wildfire. When Jennifer Garner made terrible bagels, people fell in love and couldn't say enough nice things about how much they adored the actress. When Wingstop started selling chicken sandwiches, the internet craze drove sales through the roof, helping the fast food brand sell more than a million sandwiches in a week, leading to a complete sell-out.

However, for as much attention and money as the people of the online world can lavish on things they like, they can annihilate something they hate with even more cruel efficiency. This is especially true when social media gets its claws into a company. Once, Mcdonald's tried to create the hashtag #McDStories, which Forbes says was intended to be used for stories about happy experiences under the golden arches. Instead, it turned out to be one of the dumbest things McDonald's has ever done. Everyone from employees to customers hijacked the hashtag and tore McDonald's apart, saying things like, "One time I walked into McDonald's and I could smell Type 2 diabetes floating in the air."

Now, the web is taking aim at Aldi. The bargain grocery chain with the quick checkers has drawn fire for making bread that is, as one Redditor said, "the worst white bread I have ever tasted."

Redditors agree that Aldi may not have the best bread

L'Oven Fresh is the brand name of the bread that disgusted one person so much that their only choice seemed to be to rush to Reddit and stop other people from buying it. Though this cautionary post might be useful, many commenters used it as an opportunity to both suggest and denounce many other Aldi bread brands.

"If you think that's bad, the keto low carb bread is even worse," said one person who compared the keto bread to cardboard. Though, they were rapidly undermined by someone else who declared "Aldi has the best Keto Bread there is..."

One person jumped in to defend the bread, saying, "We actually like the white bread," though they did admit it was largely used for sandwiches, such as the classic Monte Cristo, where even bad bread can be overshadowed by other flavors.

For those who want to know what the good types of bread at Aldi are, the most upvoted comment suggested, "Best bread at Aldi is sourdough round or square loaf," which might be better options for shoppers looking to load up on carbohydrates.