Did Zaxby's Really Just Turn Its Sauces Into Popsicles?

Tired of plain old vanilla? Would you rather take death than so-called "death by chocolate?" Have the 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins not excited you? The world of ice cream flavors may indeed seem cliché now and then, so it's no wonder that people would like to see a brand new flavor that pushes the boundaries of those beloved frozen treats. The only problem is finding an exciting flavor that keeps its distinctive taste when turned into a creamy, cold treat.

That's where chicken restaurant chain Zaxby's makes its unexpected arrival, bearing an even more unexpected treat with them. Founded back in 1990 in Georgia (via Zaxby's), the Southern-fried chicken chain boasts that it's known for two things: "indescribably good chicken and Zax Sauce." While it may be overshadowed sometimes by larger chicken restaurants like KFC or Chick-fil-A, Zaxby's boasts an impressive 948 locations along the Southern United States and the East Coast (via ScrapeHero) and was even named America's Best Loyalty Program in fast-food in 2022 (via Restaurant News). 

But Zaxby's, if its claim is to be believed, is more known for its chicken tenders and its dipping sauces, not ice cream and frozen treats. That may be true, but Zaxby's has taken an interest in the popsicle market, avoiding the scorching heat of the summer months to bring customers a treat that will delight their lips with an ice cold but tangy treat.

Zaxby's is releasing Sauceiscles

Imagine ripping open the wrapper of a popsicle fresh out of the freezer and getting to taste that ice-cold tang of black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Or maybe it's getting to lick that half-melted goodness of paprika and tomatoes off the wooden stick that's the best part. Zaxby's promises to deliver these wonderful feelings with its new Sauceiscles.

According to Chew Boom, these Sauceiscles are exactly what they sound like: popsicles flavored like Zaxby's iconic sauces. These savory popsicles will come in two flavors — Zax's Sauce which features "sweet and tangy and creamy flavors," and Tongue Torch, which has notes of tomatoes, peppers, and garlic. This unconventional ice cream treat is the product of Zaxby's collaboration with Alabama-based popsicle company Frios. Needless to say, the new venture departs from the chicken chain's usual offerings of crinkle fries and tenders.

Perhaps the second most unique thing about these saucy popsicles is that these treats will be available for free starting on September 19 via the Sauceiscles website, while supplies last. Strangely enough, this isn't the first time a frozen treat was released by a company known for its meat. In August of this year, Oscar Mayer released the Cold Dog, a hot dog popsicle on a stick with a refreshing mustard drizzle (via Business Wire).

Who says you can't have lunch and dessert all at once?