Sauces From The Old Spaghetti Factory Ranked From Worst To Best

Who doesn't love a nice, hot, saucy serving of spaghetti? Whether you like your spaghetti covered in marinara sauce or pesto, with or without meatballs, or topped with loads of shredded parmesan cheese, there's a spaghetti dish out there for everyone. While you can craft some wonderful spaghetti meals at home, sometimes, you don't want to go through the hassle of cooking up an admittedly messy dinner and have to do all those dishes. 

That is why many people flock to pasta restaurants to get their fill of spaghetti. While there are several of these pasta restaurants out there, one that specializes in all things pasta is The Old Spaghetti Factory. Since 1969, The Old Spaghetti Factory has served up loads of affordable and delicious Italian meals, from ravioli and lasagna to a classic plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Many of these dishes contain various different sauces, all of which are featured on The Old Spaghetti Factory menu

All of these sauces have a different flavor, although some are definitely executed better than others. The next time you venture out to one of these spectacular spaghetti restaurants, it's best to figure out which sauce is the best one.

Pomodoro sauce

You may not be as familiar with Pomodoro sauce as marinara or pesto sauces; however, Pomodoro is a solid sauce nevertheless. A Pomodoro sauce, upon first glance, might seem like a marinara sauce, but it's actually rather different. While Pomodoro and marinara sauces contain similar ingredients, a Pomodoro sauce is a bit chunkier: It's more like a pizza sauce in terms of consistency. 

The Old Spaghetti Factory serves the Pomodoro sauce on the chicken parmigiana menu item (via The Old Spaghetti Factory). While there are many people who do like this sauce, there are others who aren't the biggest fans of it.

The general opinions of customers regarding this sauce are pretty mixed. There are those who say that it tastes pretty good, but also others who feel as though there is too much basil garnish on the sauce (via Yelp). Other reviews back this up, saying that the tomatoes don't really taste fresh and that the sauce tastes like a bad marinara sauce with a basil chiffonade (as per TripAdvisor). 

If you do like this sauce, then we don't hold anything against you, but it's completely fair if you've gone to The Old Spaghetti House, ordered this sauce, and found yourself not enjoying your meal as much as you would have if you ordered a menu item featuring a different sauce. 

Cheese sauce

The creamy cheese sauce appears on the kid's menu at The Old Spaghetti Factory, and it is also featured on a few of the chain's menu items. Most notably, this sauce is used on the macaroni and cheese dish, although you could also switch out the pasta for broccoli.

There's also an adult macaroni and cheese dish on the menu, though other than that, you won't find this particular sauce on any other item. While The Old Spaghetti Factory does have other cheese-based sauces, the cheese sauce tastes pretty great, particularly when paired with the delicious mac and cheese at the Spaghetti Factory

This sauce is definitely not bad; in fact, it's wonderfully creamy. Most reviews for the mac and cheese are overly positive. One reviewer's daughter kept talking about how good the dish was well after the fact (via Yelp). The dish wouldn't be the same without the creamy sauce, and even if you get the broccoli instead of the pasta, it tastes just as good. We wish we could order this sauce on more dishes, although it is only featured in a few menu items at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Mushroom sauce

Mushrooms are a rather polarizing vegetable: You either love them, or you hate them. According to a poll conducted by Fox News, mushrooms were listed as one of America's least favorite vegetables. If you do like mushrooms, however, there are loads of things that you can do with them. 

The Old Spaghetti Factory features many items on its menu that include mushrooms and that includes several mushroom-based sauces. The mushroom sauce essentially consists of marinara sauce made from scratch that is sautéed with seasoned mushrooms (via The Old Spaghetti Factory). Depending on how you feel about mushrooms, you may or may not like this sauce.

This sauce is basically just marinara sauce with mushrooms. However, aside from the sautéed mushrooms, this sauce doesn't really bring anything else new to the table. If you like mushrooms, then you will absolutely adore this sauce. Reviewers enjoy the mushroom sauce a lot and often combine it with other sauces. If you enjoy mushrooms, then we could easily see this sauce being one of your favorites, though since not everyone is the biggest fan of mushrooms, this sauce may only appeal to a few people.  

White clam sauce

Another seafood-based sauce that you can get at The Old Spaghetti Factory is the white clam sauce. According to the restaurant's online menu, this sauce is made with its own recipe, and it contains wine, fresh garlic, green peppers, onions, parsley, and of course, clam. 

Clam sauces of all kinds are amazing, especially if you're a lover of all things seafood. Rich, creamy, and with a flavor that will blow you out of the water, this sauce is amazing. Even if you don't like seafood, we can assure you that this clam-based sauce is an enticing, delicious way to elevate your pasta entree.

Admittedly, not everyone has had the most pleasant experience with this sauce (via Yelp). Some people have ordered the white clam sauce, and they have found that it doesn't actually contain a lot of clams. Fortunately, people who are dissatisfied with this sauce are few and far between. 

For the most part, the patrons of The Old Spaghetti Factory who have tried this sauce have enjoyed and finished the dishes that contain this sauce. While there may be some variation in the sauce, depending on which day you go to The Old Spaghetti Factory, but more often than not, you'll definitely enjoy this sauce.

Butter cream sauce

If you've ever ordered the fettuccine Alfredo from The Old Spaghetti Factory, then it was likely topped with a hot, creamy butter cream sauce (via The Old Spaghetti Factory). This is the only dish that features this sauce unless you specifically request it on a different pasta. The term "butter" suggests a heavy, buttery sauce.

While it isn't as zesty as a marinara sauce or flavorful as a cheese sauce, the creamy butter sauce does taste pretty good. It doesn't make for the best plate of buttery noodles that we've ever had, but the sauce makes for a solid pasta dish that you likely would enjoy.

This dish gets some pretty mixed reviews. There are those who certainly like it, but there is also a tone of disappointment in terms of flavor. One reviewer who dined at the Old Spaghetti Factory stated that they didn't really pick up any flavor from the dish and that the pasta tasted bland, meaning that the sauce wasn't very delicious (via Yelp). 

Other consumers agree that the sauce has a lighter taste, though don't state that this is a bad thing. This sauce isn't bad at all, and while it definitely could be better, it isn't the worst of the worst in terms of pasta sauces, and it wouldn't ruin your night.

Mushroom and marsala wine sauce

We've talked about how mushrooms are the most loved vegetable out there, so you'd think that any sauce containing mushrooms would be pretty polarizing, as well. You'd be right, in a sense: If you don't like mushrooms and you see the mushroom and marsala wine sauce on the menu, then there's a good chance you won't order it.

However, if you are a fan of mushrooms, then this sauce will definitely hit the spot. The mushroom and marsala wine sauce can be found served with the chicken marsala dish at The Old Spaghetti Factory, except not on the spaghetti but on the chicken.

While mushrooms are not the most widely enjoyed vegetable out there, if you like them, however, then you'll find yourself with a wonderfully flavored meal. It has been noted to have a fantastic flavor that provides an incredible taste to a pretty fantastic meal (via TripAdvisor). 

The only unfortunate thing about this sauce, other than the fact that it has mushrooms, is that the Chicken Marsala dish comes with a delicious serving of spaghetti: The spaghetti is so good that it definitely overshadows the mushroom and marsala wine sauce.

Pesto Alfredo

Some pasta is covered in a bright red marinara sauce, while other kinds of pasta are topped with a fresh, cheesy Alfredo sauce. Another herby, delicious sauce that many adore is a green, fresh pesto sauce. A good pesto sauce is quite flavorful, and it can make a pasta dish all the better. Now, an Alfredo sauce, on the other hand, is rich, creamy, and cheesy. 

Combine these two sauces together, and you're left with a creamy, herby, and incredible sauce that is great for any pasta or spaghetti. This is the case with the Old Spaghetti Factory's pesto Alfredo sauce, which can be found in the restaurant's Gourmet Jumbo Crab Ravioli.

The reviews for this sauce are overly positive. Those who have dined at the restaurant and ordered a dish consisting of the pesto Alfredo sauce have enjoyed the rich, zesty flavor that it adds to the crab-filled ravioli dish (via Yelp Reviews). Unless you specifically asked for this sauce on a different pasta dish, it is only available on the menu as part of the crab ravioli dish. This isn't a bad thing, although there are certainly people out there who are either allergic or not the biggest fan of seafood. However, the sauce itself is a great addition to any pasta dish. 

Alfredo sauce

Who doesn't love a fresh Alfredo sauce? Cheesy, creamy, and incredibly delicious, this sauce can make a plate of spaghetti, fettuccine, or any kind of pasta taste all the better. Plus, you can make it for yourself, using just three ingredients. However, if you're not cooking at home and are stopping by The Old Spaghetti Factory, then the Alfredo sauce definitely hits the spot. 

This sauce isn't just featured on one dish on the menu. Rather, it is used in dishes all over the menu (as per The Old Spaghetti Factory). This sauce isn't just good: According to the people, it's one of the best that The Old Spaghetti Factory has to offer. 

Few people who have ordered the Alfredo sauce have not relished every bit of it. One reviewer notes that after ordering the chicken Alfredo meal, they used the extra bread in their order to scrape off the rest of the sauce because it was just that good. 

Another reviewer who ate at the restaurant claimed that the consistency of the sauce was perfect: The ideal balance between creamy and watery. Alfredo sauce, in general, is quite filling, so if you order a dish that contains this sauce, then you will likely be bringing the leftovers home. Regardless, those leftovers will likely get eaten, as the Alfredo sauce is definitely one of the restaurant's better sauces.

Rich meat sauce

Some of the sauces at The Old Spaghetti Factory have mushrooms in them, while others contain seafood. Well, how about a bit of meat? Most of us are familiar with having a bowl of spaghetti with some marinara sauce, along with some meatballs. However, with meatballs and pasta, you don't get meat in every bite, so having sauce with meat in it is a great way to solve that problem.

At The Old Spaghetti factory, you'll find a sauce that matched this description: The rich meat sauce. According to the menu, the sauce is made from an original recipe that the restaurant has been using since 1969 and is made from ripe tomatoes, along with ground beef sautéed with onions, celery, garlic, and other spices. 

This sauce is definitely one of the heavier options on the menu, and boy, is it tasty. Many diners opt to have a pasta dish with this sauce as their go-to option, and for a good reason (as per Yelp). 

It doesn't have too much meat in it, but it's a noticeable amount, so you could order it with some meatballs or sausage or have it on its own. If you love all things meat related, then there's a good chance you'll love this delicious marinara meat sauce.

The Manager's Favorite

Most of the sauces on the menu at The Old Spaghetti Factory are amazing. What would happen if you were to take two of their incredible sauces and combine them together? well, at this pasta restaurant, you have the option to do just that. By ordering The Manager's Favorite, you can take any two of the classic sauces from The Old Spaghetti Factory and create an entirely new combination of flavors. 

The classic sauces don't include every single sauce offered by The Old Spaghetti Factory, but there are quite a few options for you to choose from. Some diners combine the white clam sauce with the mizithra cheese & browned butter sauce, while others choose different options (via Yelp). 

However, other reviewers note that combining the sauces together does not make them taste better. One diner tried combining the mushroom and white clam sauces but was met with a less favorable sauce overall. Depending on how you utilize this sauce option, you may or may not like the Manager's favorite, but if you do find the right combination, you'll love it.

Marinara sauce

If we're talking about pasta sauces, a classic marinara sauce is definitely one of the best options out there. Nobody can deny the wondrous sensation of biting into a pizza or pasta dish smothered in a rich, flavorful marinara sauce. As The Old Spaghetti House is a pasta-based restaurant, it sells a classic marinara sauce (via Old Spaghetti Factory). Unless you find yourself with an overly watery sauce, it's pretty hard to mess up a marinara sauce. 

So don't worry: The marinara sauce at The Old Spaghetti House is, in fact, good. It's not just good, though: It's one of the best. Even if you don't like tomatoes, there's a good chance you'll like this marinara sauce: Trust us, some reviewers attest to the same (via Yelp). 

Upon ordering a meal with this sauce, you'll be met with a beautiful, bright red sauce filled with the incredible flavors of a wonderfully puréed tomato blend. The sauce is made with onions, carrots, tomatoes, and garlic sautéed in olive oil and Italian seasonings. You're in for a treat if you order this sauce. We definitely suggest trying it out the next time you find yourself at this restaurant.

Mizithra cheese & browned butter sauce

The mizithra cheese and browned butter sauce is the best that The Old Spaghetti Factory has to offer. This heavy, cheesy sauce is a delight to anyone who walks into The Old Spaghetti factory with a hankering for something that has a lot of cheese. 

It is one of the heaviest sauces on this menu: Come on, it's made with cheese and butter. If you have this sauce, being super healthy should not be your first concern. It's so popular that we also have a recipe for the sauce.

You'll definitely feel full upon having this mizithra cheese sauce. In fact, you'll most likely have leftovers, not because you didn't like the pasta, but because you were overly stuffed by your fantastic feast and want to take the rest home to enjoy later.

The reviews for this sauce are overly positive. This sauce is one of the most popular sauces on the menu. It's been described as salty, cheesy, and an overall delicious addition to anyone's meal (via Yelp). 

The next time you find yourself at The Old Spaghetti Factory, and you have to choose between all of the sauces that the restaurant carries, and if you're only looking to choose one, then we definitely suggest going for the mizithra cheese and brown butter sauce.