Would You Go On A Pub Crawl To Break A Guinness World Record?

There are all sorts of weird Guinness World Records out there just waiting to be broken. Seriously, if you were interested in becoming a world record holder yourself, you could attempt stuffing more than 692 straws in your mouth, grow your ear hair to an astounding 18.2 centimeters long, or you could construct a Q-tip that surpasses 18 feet and 8.3 inches in length. You could try stacking M&M candies in an attempt to secure the record that just keeps getting broken. Or you could come up with a whole new eyebrow-raising feat of your own. 

Another possibility is to embark on a day-long pub crawl, schlepping from one booze joint to the next until you've consumed so much liquid you take up permanent residence in a bathroom stall. According to HuffPost, anyone who wishes to secure the title for the most pubs visited in 24 hours must have at least one beverage in each location, collect their receipts for their purchases, and secure "witness signatures." USA Today reveals the current record is held by Gareth Murphy of Wales after he managed to visit an impressive 56 pubs. 

It turns out that this particular record has been broken once again. The number of pub visits achieved this time is bound to astound you and raise the question, "Would you subject your bladder to a full day of pub-crawling to secure a world record?" Or would you rather cram straws in your mouth? 

Could you drink at 67 pubs in one day?

While this record hasn't officially been reviewed by the folks at Guinness, Nathan Crimp of Brighton, U.K. managed to trample the previous record by visiting a mind-blowing 67 drinking establishments in just 17 hours. The Liverpool Echo explains that he embarked on this quest to raise money for "Dog's Trust," a shelter that desperately needs funding and the place where he adopted his beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier before her passing. 

So what was it like to visit so many pubs in such a short time? According to Daily Mail, Crimp had hoped to visit 75 establishments but discovered that 15 of them were closed or booked for various reasons. Still, he managed to break the record early but decided to hit 10 more pubs for good measure. This Guinness World Record pub feat proved to be difficult with Crimp admitting to the Echo, "It was easily the hardest thing I've ever done." He planned to forgo booze for the first 25 visits, but gave in after 15. Drinking so much so quickly poses its own problems. Crimp confesses the "hardest part was constantly having to go to the toilet, which took up the majority of the time."

If you boast an extra-strong bladder, live in an area with over 67 pubs, and have a full 24 hours to spare, this may be a record that you could actually break. It is not for those with an aversion to public restrooms, however.