A Truck Accident Led To A Highway Flooding With Coors Light Beer

Many people appreciate that strange occurrences on the road can make the rubbernecks slow down for that look. In fact, highway food incidents can sometimes become the latest internet meme or laugh around the dinner table. Who doesn't remember this past summer's pepto-colored meat product that blocked a section of Interstate 70? When food meets asphalt, the combination does not make an appetizing dish.

So Yummy once compiled a list of massive highway food incidents. From the 30 tons of potatoes being mashed in Idaho in 2019, to 40,000 pounds of holiday ham never making it to the kitchen in 2013 — spilled food is a transportation nightmare. Even though an accident is never a laughing matter, seeing a highway covered in Skittles, mimicking a scene from Willy Wonka, will bring a smirk to even the most empathetic of onlookers. However, when beer spills across the lanes, it's no laughing matter when you're waiting for every last drop to be cleared up.

Florida highway beer clean-up took six hours

"Spilling a beer is the adult equivalent of losing a balloon," as the popular meme goes, and a recent incident on a Florida highway might have people feeling that angst — like in the old-school Hank Williams Jr. song "Tear In My Beer." Although there might not have been a million tears shed, the unfortunate incident had some Coors Light drinkers feeling like they were shot with that Silver Bullet — the nickname given to Coors itself. As the copious amounts of cans spilled onto the highway, drivers sat patiently as crews soaked up every last drop.

As reported by Today, Interstate 75 near Brooksville, Florida was shut down on September 21 due to an incident involving multiple tractor trailers. When one truck clipped another, the semi's contents emptied onto the highway. Luckily, no one was hurt in the multi-vehicle crash, but the images likely caused some Coors Light fans to despair. Cases and cans of that light lager were sprawled across all lanes, while drivers waited six hours for the road to reopen. 

Coors Light might have once used the slogan, "Turn It Loose," to promote the beer that "won't slow you down." But, for Florida drivers, the Silver Bullet was quite the speed bump.