All The Tea Behind Madonna's Week-Long Career At Dunkin'

In 1984, Madonna's smash hit single "Borderline" launched her into eternal pop stardom. With 14 studio albums spanning her repertoire, the Queen of Pop has been singing and dancing her way into hearts for over three decades, according to Spotify. The provocative pioneer of pop has collaborated with other A-list stars like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Bjork, just to name a few. With a social status as prestigious as hers, it can be hard to see Madonna for what she really is — human.

Before she recorded hits like "Vogue," "Like a Virgin," and "Material Girl," Madonna was just your average American 20-something trying to get by. Prior to stardom, the singer found odd jobs in strange places in order to pay rent. Whether it was waiting tables, dancing, or nude modeling for art classes, Madonna was a hustler hell-bent on surviving her starving-artist era (per Mic). One of her many jobs, less avant-garde than posing nude for aspiring Picassos, was a short-lived position at Dunkin' Donuts, reports Grunge.

Madonna fired from Dunkin' for out-of-pocket shenanigans

In a 2015 interview with Howard Stern, Madonna reminisced on some of the gigs she took to support herself while clawing her way up the Hollywood ranks. In addition to getting fired for wearing fishnets during her stint as a hat-check girl at a Russian tea room, Madonna was also fired from Dunkin' for a less risqué yet equally on-brand reason.

According to Madonna, she was fired after only one week of tenure at the franchise coffee and donut house for playing with the jelly-squirter machine. Madonna, the playful artist that she is, saw the machine designed to inject jam into sugary pastries as a theatrical prop. Her boss, perhaps lacking the mind of an artiste, sacked her for not taking the job seriously enough (per Howard Stern).

Madonna, who's not exactly known for her prudence, applied that same childlike wonder to her career and went on to become one of the greatest musicians of her generation. We're not explicitly saying squirting donut jelly all over your boss will bring you fame and fortune, but hey, it worked for Madonna!