Reddit Is Celebrating Rosh Hashanah With A Savory Egg Dish

Food is at the center of many holidays, and Rosh Hashanah is no exception. One symbolic staple of the Jewish New Year is apples dipped in honey. According to Martha Stewart's website, the mixture represents a sweet year ahead, and the apple signifies the Garden of Eden. Another common Rosh Hashanah dish is challah — an egg-based bread that's typically dipped in honey, just like the aforementioned apples (per Taste of Home). To represent the seven days it took to create the world, another symbolic dish is couscous with seven types of vegetables; Leeks also serve to symbolize letting go of those who have mistreated them.

Celebrated from Sunday, September 25 to Tuesday, September 27, Rosh Hashanah is followed by Yom Kipper, according to History. In the days between the two holidays, the Jewish belief is that God decides whether you will live through the following year. It's regarded as the most sacred time of the year, and though symbolism runs deep, it's still a time full of celebration and reflection for those that follow the Jewish faith.

Eggs symbolize the cycle of life

To kick the celebration up a notch, a Reddit user shared a photo of their special dish created for Rosh Hashanah, posted with the caption, "Lox, onions, and eggs for breakfast. Happy New Year!" While some folks in the comments section were intrigued by the dish, another called the creation a "hot mess." To that comment, another person reminded them that, "Presentation isn't always everything," and they confirmed that the mixture is really delightful.

Similar to apples with honey and vegetables, eggs are also representative of Rosh Hashanah. According to Great Barrington's Hevreh of Southern Berkshires' Rabbi Deborah Zecher, "Eggs are a very powerful symbol of the cycle of life at the High Holy Days. It is an ongoing cycle," (per The Berkshire Eagle). Along with challah, egg dishes include eggs and cotton cheese, scrambled eggs, and egg salad. And if you are making challah, make sure to avoid these mistakes everyone makes when making the bread.