Arby's Comeback Menu Item Is All About Pork

If there's anything Arby's is known for, it's that they have the meats. Not just "the meat" like its usual roast beef offerings, but "the meats," as in everything from turkey to prime rib to chicken. And if bringing in H. Jon Benjamin of "Bob's Burgers" fame to sing the praises of Arby's meat wasn't enough (via QSR Magazine), then Arby's newest menu items will hopefully convince you that Arby's does indeed have the meats.

In May of 2022, Arby's decided to introduce burgers to their menu for the first time (via Restaurant Business Online), rolling out its limited-time Wagyu Steakhouse Burger, a burger supposedly made with marbled chunks of Wagyu beef, until mid-summer. In August, the company brought back its "Prime Rib Cheesesteak," which features sliced prime rib, onions, peppers, and provolone cheese (via Chew boom). Arby's also dabbled a bit in seafood, experimenting with hushpuppy breaded fish sticks and spicy fish wraps (per Brand Eating). 

Arby's has even gone so far as to release "premium" chicken nuggets (via Fast Food Post), ones that promise to be a cut above the usual chicken nuggets you find at other fast-food restaurants. Suffice to say, Arby's has done an impressive job of showing that they truly have every type of meat you can think of.

But what pork? Certainly a company with "all the meat" couldn't skip out on pork, right? Fortunately for fans of the other white meat, Arby's returning sandwich claims to be stuffed bun-to-bun with real "country-style" pork ribs.

What makes Arby's Country-Style Pork Rib sandwich special?

According to Chew boom, Arby's "Country-Style Pork Rib" sandwich is making a return for the autumn season. The sandwich consists of "country-style pork ribs" that have been smoked for "8 hours in a Texas steakhouse, crispy onions, BBQ sauce, mayo, and slices of smoked Gouda cheese on a toasted "star-topped" bun. Accompanying the returning sandwich is the new "Strawberries and Cream Fried Pie," which consists of strawberry filling and cream cheese in a flaky pastry pocket. The Country Style Pork Rib sandwich actually made its debut last year. Is the sandwich so popular that Arby's decided to bring it back?

The Impulsive Buy taste-tested the sandwich in 2021 and seemed to be generally more pleased with the ribs and Gouda than anything else. They claimed that the "real ribs" were surprisingly good for what they were and the smokey Gouda cheese was a welcome touch, but the BBQ sauce was, and quote, "they tried to make it from scratch using ingredients foraged from a dumpster behind The Dollar Tree." 

A review on Medium claims that the sandwich was entirely too focused on trying to give a "smokey" flavor, with the taste of the pork ribs and BBQ sauce being almost completely dominant in the sandwich to the point that was all the reviewer could take before giving up halfway through.

If you are a fan of smokey pork flavor, then you may find that the Country-Style Pork Rib sandwich is for you.