We Just Figured Out Oreo's Next Flavor From Twitter

When you think of dunking cookies in a glass of milk, Oreos may be one of the first to come to mind. Since hitting the shelves over 100 years ago, Oreos have become the world's most popular and beloved cookie, selling approximately 34 billion cookies each year (via Globe Newswire). We just can't get enough of that delicious white cream perfectly smudged in the middle of two chocolate cookies.

While the classic cookie stole our hearts, the company has been quite creative over the years, releasing limited-edition and new seasonal favorite flavors. Now, when you head to the cookie section in your grocery store, you'll probably see dozens of different Oreo flavors, including Brookie-OPumpkin Spice, Birthday Cake, and more. It seems like Oreo always has a trick up its sleeve when treating its long-time customers to new flavors. And, in their latest new-flavor announcement, the company took to social media for a fun guessing game.

Did someone say snickerdoodle?

What would be the fun in Oreo just giving away its next flavor without a little guessing game? The cookie company took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets with hints on the upcoming new flavor of the beloved cookie. "Want to know the next OREO Cookie flavor? Read the first word of our last 8 tweets," the company posted on their Twitter page. Counting back the tweets and reading the first word from each post, "Our Next OREO Cookie Flavor Is Snicker Doodle," came out as the hidden message.

After some users cracked the code early, the company officially announced the new flavor to the world today, tweeting, "Did you crack the code?! Our next OREO Cookie Flavor is SNICKERDOODLE." The company also announced that the new flavor will be hitting grocery stores on October 17th, 2022. "Can't wait to taste it!!" commented one Twitter user. "I love snickerdoodle," said another person on the announcement thread. If Snickerdoodle Oreos are anything like its other new flavors, we can't wait to try them.