James Bond Scotch Is Selling For A Punny $1,007 Per Bottle

As every spy movie fan knows, James Bond's drink of choice is a vodka martini — come on, all together now — shaken, not stirred. However, 007 has been known to knock back just about any other booze he can get his hands on. You'll never see him observing a Dry January or Sober October, not as long as there are potentially lucrative liquor sponsorships that fuel all the Bond movie booze consumption. Still, after 60 years of sucking down beer, wine, champagne, cocktails, and what have you, James Bond and his liver are still going strong, although it probably helps that he's essentially been "reborn" in the form of a new actor every couple of years.

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Bond movies, a number of establishments associated with the franchise are hosting special events, including an 007-themed dinner complete with top secret menu at the Ocean Club resort in the Bahamas (you'll recognize the place if you saw 2006's "Casino Royale"). One of the latest such offerings to be announced is a special James Bond 60th Anniversary release from The Macallan, a brand of scotch that Bond has been known to sip in recent movies.

This Bond-themed booze doesn't come cheap

The Macallan, of course, is a single malt whisky — none of these namby-pamby blends for Bond! As to why they are honoring 007 with his own limited-edition bottles, The Macallan's Global Creative Director Jaume Ferras explains that not only is their brand "James Bond's whisky of choice," but also that the whisky brand and Bond himself "share many synergies, most notably as modern innovators linked by our Scottish heritage" (per Beverage Dynamics).

The Macallan describes its James Bond 60th Anniversary release as having notes of apple, chocolate, figs, ginger, honey, lemon, oak, orange zest, and sherbet — which all certainly sounds intriguing. If you're interested in trying the 43.7% ABV liquor for yourself, though, you'd better have pockets as deep as Auric Goldfinger's. It's suggested U.S. price will be a cheeky $1,007 per bottle. What's more, there's not just one, but six different bottles that represent one of the decades the franchise has been in existence. So a complete set will run you $6,042. 

If you've got your own private jet, you can fly over to Europe and pick up a bottle today, but if you're stuck stateside, you'll likely have to wait until next February as the special release won't be shipped until then. By that point, it will be the 61st anniversary of the franchise, but who knows, maybe we'll actually have a new Bond to drink to by that time.