The New Holiday Cookie Milano Fans Will Want To Try

One of the highlights of the holiday season — along with cheesy Hallmark movies and evenings curled up in front of the fire — is the plethora of cookies set out at parties or decorating bakery shelves. 

While you can bake homemade treats, sometimes it's more convenient to grab a pack of pre-made cookies at the grocery store. And there's no shortage of delicious holiday desserts starting to come out this time of year, from the return of the ever-popular Aldi Advent calendars to frosted gingerbread coffee creamer.

Pepperidge Farm is one of the major brands hopping on the holiday train a little bit early this month. The cookie producer announced that it's coming out with a seasonal twist on its classic Milano cookie: Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milanos. Here's what you need to know about the new cookie coming to town this fall and how you can try it out for yourself.

It's a favorite drink in cookie form

Just in time for winter, Pepperidge Farm is releasing Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milanos, inspired by the indulgent drink. "Limited-edition Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milano Cookies pair nutty hazelnut with the cookie's signature rich milk chocolate hot cocoa flavor hidden between two crisp, delicate cookies, giving a bit of luxury in each bite," the brand described in a press email. 

Each bag contains 15 cookies and will be available for a suggested price of $4.89 at Target and Walmart. (Note, however, that these seasonal cookies are only available for a limited time.)

The new Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milanos join the Amaretto Hot Cocoa Milanos that came out a few years ago and received rave reviews. "The smell is inviting, dominated mostly by the dark chocolate but with a clear undertone of almond flavor," Junk Banter wrote, concluding, "... quite frankly, they're the best Milano cookies I've ever eaten." Only time will tell how the newest Milanos stack up.