Coffee Mate Just Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Holiday Flavor

If enjoying holiday flavors and other situation-specific tastes is the way you ring in a new season, besides knowing the return date of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte and making a special trip to Costco for that seasonal muffin, you'd probably jump at other chances to thematically spruce up your morning cup of coffee. Coffee Mate has been around since the late 1950s (via Beverage History) and since being acquired by Nestlé the brand has had years to develop its extensive range of over 25 liquid flavors (per Nestlé).

Last year Coffee Mate released not only its classic Peppermint Mocha variety but also a Cookies n' Cocoa creamer to help ring in the holiday season. There are too many flavors to name them all, and since some flavors rank above others, last fall Coffee Mate put it back on its customers to vote on the holiday flavor they wanted back in stores for 2022. The votes are now officially in, so non-dairy creamer fans, get your holiday mugs ready.

Frosted Gingerbread Coffee Mate is back for the holidays

Apart from venturing into the plant-based creamer game, Coffee Mate began advertising a poll on social media last November to instill customer input on returning holiday flavors this year. Coffee Mate fans were directed to the company's website to vote on which flavors they wanted back for 2022.

Well, the day's arrived and Coffee Mate not only revealed the returning most-voted-for flavor as Frosted Gingerbread via Instagram, but customers also have a chance to win this limited edition variety by taking part in a social media sweepstakes giveaway.

In order to participate, Coffee Mate lovers need to follow the Frosted Gingerbread sweepstakes and like and comment on the brand's latest Instagram post with a special comment detailing the way Coffee Mate takes part in their morning coffee routine with the hashtag #sweepstakes included in entries. The giveaway window closes on September 21 and 50 winners will receive one 16-ounce bottle of Frosted Gingerbread creamer and special access to the brand's secret Instagram page.

So far the comments have been pouring out on Coffee Mate's post, with people truly speaking their dedication to the non-dairy creamer. One user shared that Coffee Mate has been their only creamer since age 13. Another user commented, "We have been waiting for gingerbread to come back. It's our favorite!" Whether or not you consider entering Coffee Mate's giveaway, fans of the brand have clearly spoken in favor of the sugary coffee companion returning this holiday season.