The Boozy Advent Calendars That Are Back At Sam's Club

For people looking to get a head start on their holiday shopping, there are plenty of new advent calendars to choose from. While it might seem a bit early to grab an advent calendar, keep in mind that holiday shopping has gotten an earlier start (via The New York Times), and many advent calendars are meant to be opened at the beginning of December. We've rounded up some of the best advent calendars of 2022. There's a wide range of offerings, including a Dolly Parton-themed option.

Over the years, Sam's Club has come out with different advent calendars, some of which are aimed at shoppers who like to treat themselves to some wine or indulge in other spirits during the holiday season. According to a statement shared with Mashed, the chain announced that this year, members can purchase three different kinds that include boozy beverages. These advent calendars will be available in Sam's Club locations across the United States.

Sam's Club's boozy advent calendars

Fans of Sam's Club might remember past offerings, which have included an ugly sweater-themed wine calendar (via Instagram) and a cheese-filled version that one Twitter user liked so much that by November 22, they had "already eaten [their] way through the Winter Solstice." This year, Sam's Club has a variety of advent calendars filled with alcohol.

According to a statement received by Mashed, one advent calendar is a Sip 'n Sample. Unlike an advent calendar that has something to open every day, the Sip 'n Sample only has six bottles of wine. But each has enough for two glasses. This is meant to help people identify what types of wine they prefer. They can taste the wine and then scan a QR code that will give them more information about the drink.

For beer lovers, Sam's Club is also selling a calendar with 24 types of American-brewed beer, and for even more of a winter and holiday theme, the beer cans have a sweater design on them. For those who like to whip up a seasonal cocktail, Sam's Club has its Member's Mark Spirits Advent Calendar, which includes American vodka, French vodka, gin, spiced rum, or tequila along with cocktail recipes.

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