This Spicy Pumpkin Pastry Has Trader Joe's Shoppers Drooling

Anyone who has heard of Trader Joe's knows the popular grocery chain's reputation. The brand has made a name for itself for its affordably priced goods that are oftentimes equal parts unique and tasty — just ask fans. The best part of shopping at Trader Joe's, for most, is finding seasonal products that do not typically stock the shelves of other grocery stores.

Of course, not all TJ's products are a smash, like the recently released veggie fries that left fans disappointed. However, many items are met with awe and mouth-watering excitement, so much so that even the worst-ranked food on Mashed's list of Trader Joe's fall favorites, the pumpkin Greek yogurt, was still described as "decent." Also on the list are a range of well received pumpkin items, from honey roasted pumpkin ravioli to pumpkin sticky toffee cakes. Judging by these, as well as the new pumpkin gnocchi shoppers are raving over, it's clear that Trader Joe's knows what it's doing in the pumpkin department. At least, that's what fans of the chain's savory pumpkin pastries might say.

Shoppers love the flavor combination in these spicy samosas

Trader Joes' mini spicy pumpkin samosas seem to have first popped into freezer aisles in 2020. Reviewers gave the heat-and-serve product a huge thumbs up, with Club Trader Joe's calling them seemingly "strange" in their flavor combination at first glance, yet well balanced and tasty upon first bite. What's Good at Trader Joe's mimicked the sentiment, calling the breading alone "delectable" and the full bite with the spiced pumpkin filling and paneer cheese "delicious."

Now that the samosas are back on the scene, customers seem to be in agreement with these bloggers. Instagram user @traderjoeslist recently shared the news of their reappearance in a post, asking who else "waits all year for these." Fans were quick to jump on the praise bandwagon for the pumpkin-flavored snack. One follower admitted that they bought 4 boxes for the upcoming holidays, fully knowing they would have to return to the store after finishing the samosas long before December. Others were similarly impressed, calling them "amazing" and "so yummy" and suggesting that people enjoy them with Greek yogurt, Indian chutneys, and other Trader Joe's condiments.