Here's How You Can Score Cheap Takeout On Amazon Prime Day

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Every year, many people plan their spending around Amazon Prime Day, which is a large, two-day sale where people can purchase everything from cookware to snacks at discounted rates. And although there is always a slew of offerings, fresh, made-to-eat food is not one of them.

However, this year, that will change with Amazon's partnership with Grubhub. Earlier this year, Amazon announced that it will have two instances this year when it will have blowout deals — with one occurring in July and its upcoming counterpart happening on October 11 through October 12 (via Forbes). In the collaboration that occurred earlier this year, Amazon Prime users were incentivized to spend on Grubhub, as they were essentially given a free annual membership. Specifically, a Grubhub+ member gets free delivery if they spend over $12, which could easily cancel out the price of an annual Amazon Prime membership, which is $139 a year (via Amazon).

Grubhub+ members will score major savings

Now, Amazon and the food delivery service are joining forces again, to bring customers a tasty shopping experience all throughout Amazon Prime Day. According to a post on Amazon's press page, the company will be providing its customers an exclusive code, Prime20, that will help them save 20% off on their Grubhub takeout throughout this two-day period.

However, there is a catch. Users must be on the Grubhub+ one-year plan, which was mentioned before. But because Grubhub+ cancels out the delivery fee, which typically ranges anywhere from $1-$10, exclusive members can save big on a meal with this discount (via Ridester). This means a $25 dish, which is the average cost of a cheap meal in New York City will cost $20 (via HikersBay).

Additional rules include having to be used on orders $15 or above and only taking up to $10 off. Furthermore, the code can only be applied once.