Reddit Is Baffled By The Elusive Dunkin' Black Card

Although Olivia Rodrigo's unlimited Chipotle card has perhaps gotten the most media attention, Chipotle isn't the only chain to offer celebrity cards. Burger King has an exclusive Crown Gold Card, given only to its favorite celebs — Jay Leno, Robert Downey Jr., and George Lucas, to name a few. McDonald's and Subway also have celebrity cards, the McGold Card and the Black Card, respectively (via The Travel).

However, as many people have pointed out, these exclusive cards are usually only given to celebrities who have promoted the restaurant or have agreed to promote the restaurant. Furthermore, per Daily Dot, TikTokers have noted that these cards allow celebrities to eat for free, a perk they certainly don't need. A "regular" person stands little chance of getting their hands on one, even if they eat at that restaurant every single day. Despite the slim odds, a number of Reddit users recently discovered the Dunkin' Black Card and wanted to know how they could get one for their own use.

Dunkin' employees spill the tea on the chain's Black Card

If you hadn't yet heard about Dunkin's Black Card, don't worry, you aren't alone. When one Dunkin' employee shared a photo of the card on Reddit, many people were bewildered — some of them being Dunkin' employees themselves.

Naturally, diehard Dunkin' fans were annoyed that they hadn't earned a Black Card yet. One person commented, "I go to Dunkin' at a minimum once a day, sometimes twice a day," while another said they used to go two to three times a day, for a stretch of several months, and not once were they offered the exclusive card.

But are these cards really all they're cracked up to be? According to Business Insider, although a few celebrities have the Black Card, Dunkin' has also gifted them to frequent customers and loyal rewards members. What's more, this card doesn't actually mean you get unlimited free Dunkin' donuts. Rather, the card works more like a rechargeable gift card, which is far less exciting. Oh well, we can always dream.