The Apple Aldi Breakfast Bread Reddit Is Jokingly Calling 'Terrible'

If you're looking for new recipes to try this fall, look no further than these 65 apple recipes that include both savory and sweet dishes. Apples are one of the iconic fall ingredients, and there are so many great ways to snack on them. Aldi's fried apples are back in stores, and they make a yummy topping on pancakes, among other uses. But that isn't the only apple item you should look out for in stores.

On the Aldi subreddit, u/Fangirl4DrNow posted a photo of an apple strudel bread with the caption "Don't get this, it's terrible!" Reddit has criticized Aldi's bread in the past, but this caption includes a winky face, hinting at the joke. In fact, this apple strudel breakfast bread is a great product, according to Reddit, and the original poster left another comment clarifying the stance.

The comment read, "Just kidding, it's amazing and thicc. Slathered some salted caramel cream cheese on it just now and it was super delicious. But ya know, I figured for your own sake, I'd tell you it's awful so you can avoid my fate of having like 4 slices at once." Here's what else Reddit has to say about this apple bread.

Redditors actually love this apple strudel breakfast bread from Aldi

Don't be fooled by this Reddit post's caption — many customers adore this apple strudel breakfast bread. In the comments section, people are raving about this product.

One fan of this bread turns it into an occasion: "I make a special trip to also just for these breads. i use it to make a stuffed french toast on the weekends for my kid." Another person wrote a ringing endorsement and said, "I think that's my wife's all-time favorite Aldi item!"

Although this bread is often used as a base for french toast, people are also eating it with a simple spread. One person said, "I finished this so quickly! With cream cheese and a cup of coffee? Perfect."

But for those who are looking to jazz up this bread, another Reddit user might have an idea for you. Someone commented, "I have one of those mini waffle makers. I take a slice of this and make waffles with it. 10/10."

Besides the apple strudel bread, commenters also recommend the blueberry and maple breads. If your local Aldi doesn't have this bread in stock, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a slice of apple bread in the morning. Try our recipe for chunky apple streusel bread, and wow your friends and family at brunch.