TikTok Thinks This Food Critic Dog Is Possessed By Gordon Ramsay

One of the many, many things we love about dogs is the fact that they are generally not the most finicky of eaters. If you're upset by the fact that your culinary creations are rejected time and time again by your friends and family, try whipping up some homemade doggie treats (making sure not to include any canine-harmful ingredients, of course) and you may be met with a far more enthusiastic reception.

Well, unless you're setting your pup up to make a funny TikTok video, that is. One pomsky owner recently filmed themselves offering their pup a snack of diced peas and carrots, which is, okay, not the type of thing guaranteed to tempt the palate of the pickiest pooch. Still, the lovely Miss Sapphie gobbled it right up, but it's her "reaction" when her person told her "Let us know how this is ... you gotta be a good food critic, okay?" that gave commenters the giggles. 

For some, it also brought to mind another food critic who's not shy when it comes to expressing his opinions about the viral food fads he doesn't care for.

With the press of a button, Sapphie found her voice

Sapphie apparently has been trained to push a series of buttons with her paws, with the buttons in turn triggering a brief voice clip. The ones she hit after eating the vegetables said, in a snotty, Valley Girl voice, "b***h" and "disgusting." Needless to say, this elicited quite an amused reaction, with some commenters comparing her verdict to that of another famous TikTok food critic known for his harsh reactions. As one person said, "Gordon if you are trapped in the dog tell me," while another chimed in, "A true Gordon Ramsay in the making." A third person, however, felt that "She watches to[o] much Gordon Ramsay."

There were also quite a few viewers who agreed with Sapphie. As one of them noted, "I agree! Not even a bottle of ranch can make a carrot taste good," while another added "At least she's honest." 

One spoilsport, however, pointed out "I don't think they understand what they are pressing," but it's likely the TikToker doesn't care. Cute dog + mild obscenity = more than 2,000,000 views and 10,000 comments so far, so we're going to assume they (the human) achieved their goal.