The Cake Boss Is Behind A Pizza ATM With $10 Slices

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The Cake Boss, aka Buddy Valastro, is known for his eponymous reality TV show, his large Italian family, and, of course, his stunning desserts. The Cake Boss earned his title by working 18-hour days, scrubbing the floors, and leading his employees with his work ethic. Valastro has built an empire, with 12 Carlo's Bakery locations in the United States and one international location in Brazil, according to the company website. The bakery focuses on desserts, including the infamous lobster tail pastry and rainbow cake, Italian butter cookies, and custom cakes.

The Cake Boss knows his way around baked goods, but it's his Italian heritage that influences his cooking style. In 2012, Valastro released his Italian-American cookbook, "Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss." In it, he shared recipes that had been passed down from his grandmother and some of his favorite American Italian dishes (per Amazon). He incorporated his family recipes into his business empire, opening Buddy V's Ristorante, an Italian American restaurant. His Vegas outpost did so well that Valastro followed up by opening The Boss Cafe, featuring homemade mozzarella. 

Valastro also opened PizzaCake, a restaurant celebrating an Italian-American staple: pizza. Seeing as Las Vegas operates 24/7, Valastro wanted people to be able to indulge in hot, fresh pizza at any time of the day.

Fresh pizza in less than 2 minutes

Buddy Valastro opened pizza ATMs at the Linq hotel in Las Vegas to satisfy hungry (and possibly inebriated) customers, any time of the day or night. According to Vital Vegas, a pizza ATM is a giant, free-standing vending machine where customers place their orders on a touch screen. 

The ATM offers pepperoni, cheese, and Italiano slices, ranging in price from $9.95-$10.95 per slice. (There's a slight discount for ordering two slices of pepperoni or Italiano.) The pizza is refrigerated and only takes 2-3 minutes to fully cook. Customers can watch a countdown clock on the screen to see when their pizza will be ready.

While the pizza ATM may seem like a novel idea, this isn't the first food ATM Valastro has utilized. Inside his Pizzacake restaurant, customers can order slices of cake from a Carlo's Bakery ATM. According to Vegas Changes, there are several Carlos Bakeshop ATMs around the Vegas strip. The ATMs offer four flavors and cost slightly less than a slice of pizza, at $8.95 per slice.