The Cocktail That Inspired A Charcuterie Board

When the French invented the concept of charcuterie, they probably never thought this was going to be in every gathering possible, even trending in most foodies' social feeds. Are we getting tired of charcuterie boards? Of course not, especially as they are getting more creative with time.

The classic charcuterie board usually has a type of cheese, meat, a bit of sweet and salty stuff, and of course, crackers to join it all. Based on this equation, you can start mixing and matching: Go for fancy brie cheese, a soft burrata, or crumbly goat cheese — or all of them! Choose between pepperoni, prosciutto, salami, and more. Add condiments, spreads, edible flowers, different types of bread, or make it vegetarian. But, you can get crazier and create a charcuterie board solely based on sweets, or let a holiday inspire you.

When we thought we were already going far with the charcuterie board, a Redditor shared a photo of a recent creation like never before. This board looked fresh and colorful, and in fact, it didn't have all of the basic ingredients a regular board has — it was full of fruits. Let us introduce you to the sangria-inspired charcuterie board.

Mix colorful fruits in different sizes to create a sangria-inspired charcuterie board

Sangria, a drink based on red wine, fruits, sugar, citrus, and sometimes another type of liquor, has been the refreshing drink of choice in different European countries since 200 B.C. (via Fire and Ice). Today, sangria is quite a popular cocktail worldwide — so popular it inspired a charcuterie board with the same basics.

"It's so colorful! It makes me happy to look at it," commented a user to the Reddit poster who shared the board. "This is such a creative idea!" said another, and many praised it for looking "gorgeous," and of course, "yummy." The post showed a photo of a wooden board topped with sliced lemons, oranges, strawberries, apples, shaped cantaloupes, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and some small skewers so people could hold their favorite fruits together. But, where's the booze?

According to Chelsea Peach Tree, you can use your sangria board so each of your guests can build their own sangria cup with fruits of choice, and personalize it with the fruits or herbs served on the board. This would let each person decide the level of sweetness, acidity, and freshness of their drinks. Or, if you want to stick with the skewers, you can join this board with your drink of choice, wine, or even ... chocolate fondue? You see, you never get enough of a creative charcuterie board.