Here's Everything You Need To Know About KFC's Brand-New Buffalo Sauce

KFC's finger-licking good chicken has been satisfying customers with the 11 herbs and spices that make up its oh-so-secret signature spice blend since the company's first location opened in 1952. In fact, the original KFC menu box looked relatively similar to what we know today, with choices like a jumbo box of fried chicken and the signature bucket of fried chicken, complete with chicken gravy and dinner rolls. The original menu also offered sides like coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad (per Insider).

However, over the years, KFC has added items to appeal to the tastes of new generations. In 2019, KFC partnered with Beyond Meat to offer plant-based meat with beyond fried chicken, an order that gives non-meat-eating customers the option to select chicken nuggets and wings. During the peak of the fast food sandwich wars, KFC competed by launching its fried chicken and donut sandwich. The Orange County Register reported that the sandwich consisted of a piece of extra crispy fried chicken sandwiched between two glazed donuts. 

While the donut sandwich was short-lived, KFC continues to innovate, especially with its sauces. In 2020, the restaurant launched its new signature KFC sauce (per USA Today). One year later, KFC began testing out a new dipping sauce, known as City Mambo sauce, in a limited market. This year, KFC is combining two popular flavors for the ultimate sauce mashup.

Buffalo ranch sauce may lead to a romantic date

KFC has officially launched its new, hybrid buffalo ranch dipping sauce. According to PR Newswire, the new sauce pairs spicy buffalo sauce with creamy buttermilk ranch, creating a cool and spicy kick. The new sauce is here to stay and joins the restaurant's other classic sauces in the lineup. As of this writing, the other sauces include BBQ, ranch, honey mustard, and KFC Sauce. Since buffalo and ranch are such a perfect match, KFC wanted to help its customers find their perfect romantic match by partnering with Tinder.

Starting on October 21, Tinder app users can take the "What's Your Sauce Style?" quiz to determine their level of buffalo ranch sauce love. Those who take the quiz are eligible to be entered into the KFC sweepstakes, where the winner will win a "Saucey Dream Date for Two." The date includes tickets and an all-expenses paid VIP experience to a Jack Harlow concert. Of course, what is a date without a delicious meal? KFC has dinner covered, providing the winners with a full meal, which will, unsurprisingly, be complete with buffalo ranch sauce. According to Thrillist, KFC is also offering its app users a special Tinder Tenders meal for two.