Pop-Tarts Just Collabed With Tajín For A 'Choose-Your-Own' Flavor Adventure

Tajín is a Mexican spice blend with a zesty kick from a blend of mild chile peppers and lime. According to the company's website, the spice blend was created in Mexico in 1985 and made its way to America in 1993. The spice is quite versatile; some sprinkle it atop the popular corn dish elote, while others add it to guacamole for a tangy kick (per Isabel Eats). One of the most popular ways to eat tajin is mixed with fresh fruit. Tajin's website recommends sprinkling the spice on top of fresh fruit like watermelon and pineapple to enhance the fruit's sweet flavor.

You're likely to find Tajín in a Mexican fruit cup, which typically includes slices of fresh fruit topped with fresh lime juice and Tajín. Chamoy, a sweet, salty, sour, and spicy sauce, is sometimes added to these cups for an extra tangy flavor. The flavor combination of chamoy and fruit is so loved that chamoy gummy candies have become a huge hit. According to NPR, these candies are commonly found in Mexico and Mexican markets. Since fruit, chamoy, and Tajín pair so perfectly together, it's no surprise that Pop-Tarts would partner with the spice brand to enhance its fruit-flavored pastries.

Experiment with unique flavor combinations

Pop-Tarts is no stranger to collaborating with other popular brands. In 2021, Pop-Tarts teamed up with Eggo to create a maple syrup-flavored pop-tart. During Summer of 2022, Crumbl Cookies partnered with Pop-Tarts to launch its Pop-Tart-inspired strawberry-flavored cookie. This year, Pop-Tarts is collaborating with tangy Mexican spice blend brand Tajín to roll out the Pop-Tart X Tajín flavor-enhancing package.

The $10 box comes with 8 packages of fruit-flavored Pop-Tarts, including frosted wild berry, peach cobbler, and frosted strawberry. Alongside the pastries, customers receive a small container of chamoy sauce and a bottle of Tajín Clásico Seasoning. While you are encouraged to experiment to see which flavors excite your tongue, the box comes with some suggested flavor pairings. According to a press release, the boxes are only available from October 25-27 and can be purchased through Pop-Tart's Instagram (@poptartsus) and kelloggstore.com/pop-tarts-tajin. Once you're finished with the Pop-Tarts, you can use the leftover chamoy and Tajin to add a bold burst of flavor and spice to whatever foods you desire.