Subway Has Apparently Removed Russell Wilson's Cringe Sandwich

Earlier this year, Subway teamed up with NFL superstar Russell Wilson to create a new sandwich as part of the chain's Vault promotion (per The Fast Food Post). The Vault offered fans the chance to enter an immersive experience in Los Angeles at Lowe's Super Bowl Experience. Three NFL players — Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Trevor Lawrence — signed their own signature sandwich for lucky fans. Wilson's sandwich, in particular, included salami, pepperoni, Black Forest ham, provolone cheese, and bacon, with lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, banana peppers, yellow mustard, and mayonnaise. The ingredients were then stuffed inside Italian Herbs and Cheese bread.

So far, so good, right? Well, late last month, the internet started to take heed in Wilson's original ad for the sandwich, dubbed "The Dangerwich," (per Sporting News). Though it has since been deleted, an alternative ad has been trolled equally as much. "They really made Russ put on a blindfold just to pull the Dangerwich right in front of him," a Twitter user wrote. In fact, the backlash was so severe, that it may have attributed to the sandwiches' removal from the Subway menu.

Subway's 'Dangerwich' ad was greeted with backlash

According to Marca, Russell Wilson's "Dangerwich" has officially been removed from Subway's special menu, The Vault. Suffice to say, many Twitter users immediately assumed that the trolls had won this round, causing the removal of the Wilson-proclaimed spicy sandwich. "Subway removed the dangerwich from their menu because you animals couldn't control yourselves. You just had to ruin it for everyone," one Twitter user wrote. 

"Apparently conflicting reports about why Subway pulled the Dangerwich from the menu. Usually the most obvious explanation is the right one, even if Subway is denying it," another person commented, after the chain's comments to TMZ Sports. "Subway works with a variety of athlete partners, and The Vault is the perfect place to showcase their favorite sandwiches. While The Dangerwich sub left The Vault in August to make room for some new, craveable options, don't worry, The Dangerwich will be back soon!" a spokesperson said. 

So, no need to worry. The sandwich (and the jokes) could be back in no time.