Trader Joes' New 'Witches Brew' Is Turning Heads On Instagram

It's officially Halloween season and retailers across the country are in full swing with the spooky seasonal merchandise. For example, Aldi has been wowing customers with Halloween-shaped pizzas this month, and last week, someone on Instagram found Costco's Halloween-themed ravioli.

And what better way to spice up witchy season than with a witches brew full of bold spices and seasonings?

According to an Instagram post by @traderjoeslist, a popular account that makes content about unique finds at the retailer, Trader Joe's is now carrying a brand of mulled wine called Witches Brew. Way back at the end of August, Instagram users got a treat (not a trick) with a sneak peak at some of Trader Joe's fall offerings courtesy of food blogger @Markie_devo. While the post contained nearly 20 autumnal items, the spiced wine wasn't one of them — as one user on the original post about the Witches Brew pointed out, it's not a Trader Joe's branded product, but instead comes from a winery called Leelanau Cellars.

A witchy twist for this winery

According to its website, Leelanau Cellars is a winery in Northern Michigan that started in 1974. Leelenau introduced its Witches Brew mulled wine in 1997, per the West Michigan Tourist Association, which included the company's original mulled red wine recipe. With its mix of aromatic spices, Leelenau Cellars' website recommends serving this wine at "room temperature, warmed, or devilishly hot."

The brand later expanded its Witches Brew line to include a spiced apple wine and a pumpkin spice mulled wine, the obvious choice for a proper array of autumnal beverages. Yes, you can add mulled wine to the ever-growing list of pumpkin spice products that come about this time of year.

Thankfully, for those who might fancy a spooky brew year round, all three of the Witches Brew line are available in any month on the calendar. And if you're looking to avoid some common mistakes when making your own mulled wine, you can just grab a bottle off the shelf at your local Trader Joe's, heat, and enjoy.