Costco Just Confirmed The Return Of Its Holiday Wine Advent Calendar

Advent calendars began as a holiday pastime back in Germany in the mid-19th century (via Mental Floss). Traditionally, the calendars count down from December 1 to December 24 and feature a door every day of the month, behind which is a piece of chocolate. In recent years, Advent calendars have made quite the comeback as a seasonal trend. However, these days, you'll find them in a variety of themes at all different retailers. Aldi has a hot sauce Advent calendar for spice lovers along with a hard seltzer Advent calendar for a boozy twist. Costco also has plenty, from an Advent calendar for your pup to a cheese Advent calendar stocked with all the charcuterie essentials.

Another popular pick at Costco is the wine Advent calendar, which the wholesale retailer just announced on Instagram is back on shelves for the 2022 holiday season. Here are the details on this year's Costco wine Advent calendar, including how to get one for yourself before they sell out.

You'll get 24 half bottles of wine in each calendar

According to an Instagram post from Costco's official account, the 2022 wine Advent calendar contains 24 375 mL bottles (half bottles) of wine in a variety of flavors "from around the world." The blogger at Cost Contessa says that it includes red, white, bubbly, and rose wine from countries like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even South Africa. An Instagram post from @costcoinsider revealed that each calendar costs $99.99 — although that can vary by location — and cautioned that the calendars tend to sell out fast, so they likely won't last long.

YouTuber Eve Dawes did an unboxing of the new wine Advent calendar and gave it high praise. "For me, it's the fun of trying wines from different countries, different regions, and different varietals I wouldn't normally try," she explained in the video. Not everyone is a fan, though. One commenter on Instagram wrote, "We tried it last year and most of it went down the drain," while another agreed it wasn't the best selection of vino.