Insomnia Cookies Is Celebrating National First Responders Day With A New Deal

Let's be real, cookies are great at all hours of the day, but there's something special about devouring a sweet treat late at night. What's even better than eating a warm cookie past your bedtime? Getting it delivered right to your doorstep without you having to lift a finger. Insomnia Cookies is a chain that delivers freshly baked and warm cookies to your house up until 3 a.m. The chain has over 200 locations throughout the United States. For those who may be out late, the stores' physical locations allow customers to walk in and order a warm cookie whenever the need arises.

Even though cookies are in the name, the company also sells items that pair well with cookies, like ice cream, ice cream cookie sandwiches, cookie cakes, and icing (per Insomnia). The chain offers its regular selection of cookies daily, including gluten-free and vegan options, with some special cookies offered for holidays or certain times of the year. Insomnia also offered a special Valentine's Day menu, complete with red velvet cookies, brownies, and frosting. In addition to celebrating holidays, the company values giving back to the local community. There's a link on the Insomnia website where groups can request their local store to donate cookies for a special cause. This year, the chain will be honoring first responders for their dedication and service.

First responders score a sweet deal on cookies

October 28 is National First Responders Day and Insomnia is showing its appreciation for those serving their communities by offering up a free 6-pack of cookies. While this sounds almost too good to be true, there is a small catch. First responders need to spend $5 on any in-store purchase to redeem the deal. If you qualify, you can claim the deal in-store by either showing your work ID badge or arriving in uniform (per Chew Boom). First responders include police officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and emergency personnel, plus any "others in the field." Each first responder customer can receive one 6-pack order. This isn't the first time Insomnia has celebrated local workers. In 2021, Insomnia offered essential workers free cookies to thank them for their service during the pandemic.

For those who aren't first responders but also want to earn free cookies, Insomnia offers a loyalty program to help customers "earn dough." Customers enrolled in the program earn 1 point for every $1 spent, and receive $10 in credit for every 100 points earned. What's better than earning free cookies for simply eating cookies?