Quiznos Fan-Favourite Prime Rib Sub Is Officially Returning

It's a good day to be a Quiznos die-hard. A fan favorite is making a comeback for the first time in three years, according to a press release from the chain on Business Wire. Prime rib sandwiches are returning for the first time since 2019, with two different menu options: the Prime Rib XL sandwich, and the prime rib Italian sandwich.

The Quiznos menu says the Prime Rib XL is topped with a horseradish sauce, Swiss cheese, and sauteed onions, while the Prime Rib Italian features provolone, green peppers, giardiniera, and marinara sauce. However, both of these sandwiches are only limited-time offers, per the brand's Instagram page.

The press release says the move to bring back the prime rib is part of Quiznos' ongoing growth strategy. Quiznos has had some grand plans of refurbishing both its restaurants as well as its menu, and it seems that these beefy new additions are leading the charge.

Are Quiznos' new menu items a recipe for success?

The sandwich chain has had a bit of a rough go of it over the past few years, with Quiznos locations steadily disappearing across the country. But recently, Mark Lohmann, president of Quiznos' parent company the Rego Restaurant Group, told the Restaurant Business podcast "A Deeper Dive" about actions the chain is taking to move towards a comeback.

Lohmann talked about how new kitchen equipment like flat tops and fryers would allow the chain to pursue new menu items it wasn't able to offer before. "The new recipes are just fantastic flavors, first of all," Lohmann said. "Some of the things you'll see that are currently in market, Asian Dipper, the Carne Suprema, sandwiches and subs we just couldn't unlock with the equipment that's currently in place."

As part of the chain's big future plans, Quiznos has launched an upgraded restaurant in Hobbs, New Mexico, as well as one in Vancouver, Canada. They will serve as models for the sandwich shop's new direction moving forward, according to Biv.

Also north of the border, the chain introduced a new Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich for its Canadian locations at the same time it introduced the new prime rib options, per Foodology. This all comes after Quiznos introduced both a new Hickory Smoked Burnt Ends sandwich this past summer, and four new Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches earlier this year. Curious? Might as well head to Quiznos and see what these changes are all about.