The McDonald's CEO Officially Named The McRib The 'GOAT'

Run out of work and start the car, and get the kids out of school! Work, school, and all daily responsibilities mean nothing when you hear the news that, yes, making its grand return to your local McDonald's is the beloved McRib. Sing, dance, lick the barbeque sauce from your fingers and laugh with glee.

While the above statement is nothing but an exaggeration, the idea that McDonald's famous pork rib sandwich isn't a wildly popular item on the menu isn't too far-fetched in reality. In 2020, for example, South Carolina was voted the number one state in terms of absolutely mc-loving the McRib, followed closely by Utah and Colorado (via ABC 4 News), showing that the sandwich is able to make an impact even in a state known for its delicious Carolina barbecue. Owing to the McRib's popularity is its limited-time exclusivity, which Reader's Digest explains is due to a combination of the price of the pork used to make the sandwich and the fact that, when an item is available for a limited time and in short supply, it makes people want it more. Consider it like an edible collector's item — everyone wants it, and they'll pay any price to get their hands on it.

Perhaps the demand and the fanatic love for the McRib is why McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski praised the pork rib sandwich as the Greatest Of All Time, especially when it comes to bringing home the bacon (or should we say, pork?)

The McRib is the GOAT at driving up profits

The idea that scarcity breeds demand, and ergo profit, is certainly not an understatement when it comes to McRibs — or at least McDonald's top man thinks so. According to Insider, McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski, while on a conference call discussing earnings on October 27, praised the McRib as the "GOAT" when it came to driving profits for the fast food chain. While Insider does note that the company hadn't shared any solid sales numbers of the McRib to back up the claim,  Kempczinski was reported as claiming the sandwich helped to offset issues with the supply chain and other economic problems McDonald's face in 2021 following the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But wait a second, you might be saying. Wasn't McDonald's talking about some kind of big farewell tour for the McRib? Why would the chain get rid of something that's so valuable to the company? While the company may talk, the McRib is going to join the other McDonald's legends like Ronald and the Grimace in the big PlayPlace in the sky, truth is that this isn't the first time McDonald's pulled a stunt like this. There were actually a few "Farewell Tours" in the past, such as in 2005, 2006, and 2007, with the McRib coming back each time (via the University of Dayton).

If this is the real Farewell Tour to the McRib by some off chance, then you should at least get two sandwiches: one for eating and one for historical preservation.