The Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Steak, According To Robert Irvine - Exclusive

If there's one thing Robert Irvine is known for, it's helping chefs and restaurant owners fix their mistakes in the kitchen. The host of "Restaurant: Impossible" has sealed his claim to fame over more than 20 seasons of the show, saving failing restaurants from the worst fate by imparting his culinary skills and business savvy to small business owners across the country. All the home cooks out there have also been learning from Irvine over the years as well, thanks to his multitude of appearances on Food Network and beyond, his cookbooks, and more.

Irvine's specialty is no doubt crafting healthy meals for a physically fit lifestyle. And while that is predominantly characterized by lean meats and lots of vegetables, that doesn't mean Irvine doesn't enjoy a good steak every now and then — as long as it's done right. He's a huge fan of the lean yet flavorful top sirloin, and he's more than willing to share his expertise so that we can all enjoy a good steak at home whenever the craving hits.

Mashed spoke exclusively with Robert Irvine recently at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, where his signature event was a steak and whiskey tasting. So we made sure to ask the expert for his tips for grilling or searing up a good steak at home, whether there's a cocktail involved or not. Irvine shared what he thinks are the biggest mistakes we're making with steak and explained the simple formula to follow for cooking a perfect piece of meat every time.

Robert Irvine says there's a simple formula for cooking a great steak

According to Robert Irvine, there are two simple mistakes that most people seem to fall victim to when making steak at home. "Overcooking it and under seasoning," he told Mashed, adding, "That's the biggest thing: seasoning and knowing how to cook. We're afraid to cook things."

After giving your steak a good sprinkling of salt and pepper (it shouldn't need anything else if it's good-quality meat), follow Irvine's simple guide for cooking your steak to the perfect doneness. "An 8-ounce steak, no matter what it is, takes four minutes in a hot pan" on one side, he said. Then, "flip it over for four minutes" on the other side. "Then turn the heat off and leave it in there ... for four minutes." He added that "a 12-ounce steak [takes] five minutes [on each side], and so on." To finish it off, Irvine said, "[Use a] little bit of butter and baste it afterward." And that's it. No more and no less.

Another mistake Irvine wants home cooks to avoid is cooking their steak directly from the fridge. "People don't get their steak out," he says, adding, "they're afraid of getting it to room temperature. Why would you be afraid to get stuff at room temperature? If it's at room temperature, and it's patted dry, and it goes in a hot pan, it cooks a lot faster."

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