Domino's Might Give You Free Pizza For Your Costume Choice This Halloween

It's that spooky time of year again! Time to break out the pumpkin spice (in all of its many forms), dust off your favorite scary or silly costume, and get ready for some free pizza courtesy of Domino's Pizza ... potentially, that is. Everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit, and, understandably, that also includes many dining establishments eager to capitalize on their customers' festive spirits. 

Dunkin' is offering up Spooktacular items as a twist on the establishment's signature coffees and doughnuts. In a similar move, Wendy's is making sure everyone knows about the "Halloweendy's" Weekend deals you need to grab. And, in a special holiday surprise, Chipotle is returning to a classic Halloween tradition for the first time in three years

Needless to say, if you're in the Halloween spirit, you won't have any trouble finding a restaurant that shares your love for the holiday season Now, it seems that Domino's is getting into the season too. However, if you're hoping to take advantage, you'd better hop on to Twitter as soon as possible.

Tweet to (potentially) score free pizza

Domino's is giving pizza lovers the chance to win free pizza through a special Twitter contest.

In a tweet, the offical @dominos Twitter account wrote, "Okay fiinneee. Tell me what ur gonna be for Halloween, and maybe I'll treat you in ur DMs with some free pizza." No official rules or guidelines were given in the tweet, but it seems that Domino's is leaving its fans to their own devices and hand-picking who gets a free pizza. "I'm going to be sitting at the house watching Halloween movies and eating snacks with my daughter this year," wrote one Twitter user, to which Domino's replied, "Sounds like you might need some pizza for the perfect night in! Check your DMs." 

Notably, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason as to who gets a special DM for this prize. Simple responses to the tweet include everything from simple pronouncements about plans to legitimate costume ideas. "You are the backbone of Halloween for the kids! Peep ur DMs," wrote Domino's in response to another user, who originally replied, "A candy giver is what I will be for Halloween."

For what it's worth, one of our writers tweeted a response to Domino's only an hour after its initial posting, but, alas, they haven't gotten a response yet. We're not sure how long Domino's will be running this impromptu giveaway, but if you're hoping to try and take advantage of it, you'd better get on Twitter and start tweeting your costume ideas as soon as you can!