These Aldi Crackers Are Seriously Dividing Reddit

Although Aldi has a lot of foods you need to try before you die, not every product is a hit. And while every item is bound to have people who love it and people who hate it, some land more in the middle than you might expect. Some of these divisive Aldi foods have included its beef taco cups (which one Reddit user accused of tasting "like dog food"), string cheese bites that had what some perceived as an off-putting smoky aftertaste, and sesame brioche bagels that some shoppers compared to "hamburger buns with holes." 

The latest Aldi product to send Reddit into a tailspin is its Savoritz Golden Round Crackers. According to the Aldi website, the crackers pair well with a wide variety of meats, cheeses, and sauces, making them ideal for appetizers. Sounds pretty promising, especially when you consider that these are Aldi's version of Ritz crackers, right? However, the good people of Reddit seem to have some strong feelings about the snacks, and as you might guess, not all of those feelings are good ones.

Reddit tried these Aldi crackers so you don't have to

If you've been eying up Aldi's Savoritz crackers, you might want to hear what Reddit has to say about them. Per the original post, the crisps are "nothing like the original Ritz cracker," as well as "bland" and "odd" in terms of texture. The OP also noted that the crackers "are doing the job, but they're not very tasty." They're not alone in their opinions.

Others described the Savoritz crackers as being "too soft." One person wrote, "The crunch is missing. They're almost fluffy or styrofoamy." Another agreed that the crackers are "way too crumbly." Someone else recommended Aldi's version of the Keebler Town House crackers, which seems to be a pretty solid suggestion, as these are very similar to Ritz crackers. In fact, YouTuber FoodFights boiled down the only real differences between the two as Ritz tasting a bit sweeter and Town House tasting more buttery.

While quite a few people agreed that the crackers weren't worth saving a few dollars, several Aldi shoppers defended the product. One person compared the Savoritz crackers to "the old Ritz" — that is, presumably, the crackers customers ate before the brand changed the recipe to include 70% less saturated fat in 2018. Regardless, a second person even said they prefer the Aldi crackers to Ritz. Hey, to each their own.