Bobby Flay Teases Major Precedent In Triple Threat Finale

Fans who have been following along with the inaugural season of "Bobby's Triple Threat" know how intense the competition has been since its start. Bobby Flay's new Food Network production is an extra-difficult challenge, due to the fact that contestants need to face off against not one, but three celebrity chefs – Brooke Williamson, Michael Voltaggio, and Tiffany Derry.

Nonetheless, a variety of this season's competitors have risen to the formidable task. Notable participants include "Iron Chef" winner Viet Pham and "Chopped" champion Adriana Urbina. Between cooking challenges ranging from crafting the best pasta to facing off to see who is the best chef in Washington D.C., these chefs have been through it all (via Food Network). Now, after six weeks on the air, there's only one thing left — the finale. In anticipation of the show's last episode of the season, host Bobby Flay released a major teaser to fans, in which one contestant will do things never seen before.

A familiar face will close out Triple Threat's first season

Bobby Flay left fans a major Easter Egg in a recent tweet. The post read, "Tune in to see if @grittybritty can beat all three titans. Spoiler alert: Judge @MPsilakis will award someone a first-time-ever PERFECT SCORE during one of the three rounds." Attached to the tweet was a short video, which showed a snippet of the upcoming challenge. This not-yet-released episode focuses on restaurant owner Brittany Anderson, who manages several restaurants in the DMV area and also previously appeared on "Top Chef."

The way "Triple Threat" operates is that each new release focuses on one contestant, who will compete against all three celebrity chefs (via IMDb). Because Anderson is a familiar face on food television, not to mention that she also has had a variety of different experiences under her belt, people will definitely be curious about the outcome of this final showdown (via Bravo). This episode will be available to watch on Food Network on Tuesday at 9 p.m.