Blue Apron's New English-Inspired Holiday Roast Is Available With Or Without A Subscription

Following the 2020 pandemic, when so many of us had no choice but to eat (and cook) more at home, meal kit delivery services catapulted in popularity. According to PR Newswire, using data from 2020. the meal kit industry is expected to grow by more than $11 billion through 2025 as people look for more convenient food options. Along with brands like HelloFresh and HomeChef, one of the most popular meal delivery services right now is Blue Apron, which you can order directly from their website or from Amazon and Costco. The service is touted for its fresh ingredients and its wide variety of healthy and easy-to-make recipes.

Now, just in time for the holiday season, Blue Apron has announced its Holiday Roast Box. According to Businesswire, these meals will be available starting on November 28, and might just be the perfect fit for anyone hosting a festive feast in the coming months. Here's what you need to know about the seasonal box, including what's inside and how you can order it.

This meal kit serves up to eight

While you have to wait until after Thanksgiving on November 28 to order the Blue Apron Holiday Roast Box, the brand has provided a sneak peek into the contents of the kit, which they say is "inspired by a classic English roast," (via Businesswire). Included in this limited-edition box is a main course, three side dishes, and a dessert.

The prized piece of this meal for (up to) eight, is a Roast Beef Tenderloin with Sherry-Dijon Pan Sauce. The side dishes include a Cheesy Potato Bake carmelized onions and Crème Fraîche. If you're questioning the difference between sour cream and Crème Fraîche, they are subtle, but you'll notice the latter is less sweet.

There's also Honey-Orange Glazed Rainbow Carrots topped with mint and pistachio, and a Creamy Kale and Spinach dish seasoned with thyme and crispy onions. For dessert, the Holiday Roast Box offers an Apple-Cranberry Trifle with coconut custard and candied pistachios. 

Per Blue Apron, you don't need a subscription to get this meal kit. You can order it online or through the app (if you're a subscriber) or at Blue Apron's Market,, or Amazon. 

A writer at Self previously tested the Blue Apron Thanksgiving meal kit, which is similar to the new Holiday Roast Box. "The recipes were delicious and it was so easy to make, even by myself," they explained. If less shopping is helpful for your holidays, perhaps Blue Apron is worth a shot.