GBBO Fans Are In Shambles Over Janusz's Latest TikTok

There's more to Janusz than his epic bakes, and his growing social media popularity proves it. The contestant of "The Great British Bake Off" Season 13 previously amused the netizens of Instagram with a hilarious response to his missing eight-spring roll case. (Last we checked, GBBO hasn't been able to solve the #springrollgate mystery that had viewers scratching their heads). In that instance, he posted a tongue-in-cheek statement – or rather "bake-ment" – about the missing food and scratched out text suggesting he was the U.K. prime minister. Now, he has taken over TikTok with a video that sees him react to his "new name" after removing two letters.

The baker was responding to a challenge to remove the first and the last letters of one's name to see how cool the new name would be. But sadly for Janusz, his name became "anus." He was clearly unimpressed as he walked away after unveiling the hilarious name. "Thanks mum," he captioned the video. So far, it has racked up over 2 million views and hundreds of comments from fans who love him on the show.

Fans love 'Janusz-tok'

"Not bad for my first day on TikTok," Janusz wrote on Instagram after his video went viral. Fans are loving his content so far, and the baker already has over 38,000 followers on TikTok. "Janusz-tok is a destination I didn't know I needed," TikTok user commented on the "cool name" unveil video. Many users said Janusz was their favorite GBBO Season 13 contestant.

User @chips.dale writing, "Hi Janusz!!! Best person on bake-off by far." "I've loved you since cake week and now I am deceased," user @slaghtjk wrote (To jog your memory, Janusz used crickets to bake a cake for the Halloween challenge). User @graccceee27 said, "Lol Janusz is someone I didn't know I needed but is now something vital to life." Janusz may or may not win GBBO, but it seems like he is well on his way to winning the internet with his big personality.