Trader Joe's Fans Are Running To Grab Its New Toscano Cheese Spread

As people prepare for holiday entertaining, Trader Joe's is unveiling new products meant for impressing guests. While new, innovative items can get people talking, Trader Joe's cheeses have long received rave reviews. The Unexpected Cheddar topped the 13th Annual Customers Choice Awards for best cheese. Its flavor, texture, and versatility have made it a top choice. Although many people think this cheese is a slice above the rest, some cheese serving suggestions recommend offering revelers a spreadable cheese option. Whether made into a cheese ball, plopped onto a board, or slathered on crackers, creamier cheeses have plenty of appeal.

According to, spreadable cheeses are smooth, creamy, and generally mild in flavor. Brie or Gournay are popular types of this variety. Previously, Trader Joe's offered a spreadable version of its Unexpected Cheddar, which received rave reviews from guests. Now, it appears that it is transforming its Toscano cheese into a spreadable version. For those unfamiliar with the flavor profile of Trader Joe's Toscano cheese, it generally has a nutty flavor, similar to an aged Parmesan, with a slight creaminess found in a cheddar. Now available in stores, a spreadable version of this cheese is available to change the eating experience.

Shoppers are hungry for Trader Joe's Syrah Soaked Toscano Cheese Spread and Dip

While many people enjoy a wedge of the various kinds of Toscano cheese at Trader Joe's, Instagram account TraderJoesList created a buzz when it showed a container of the new Syrah Soaked Toscano Cheese Spread and Dip. Described as transforming the popular cheese into spreadable form and priced at $4.99 a container, it appears that this new product is poised to become a holiday entertaining must-have.

Comments on the post came in fast and furious. While the sign in the posted photo recommends pairing the cheese spread with crackers, many people were more specific. Serving recommendations included spreading it on the Pistachio Pomegranate crisps and Fig and Olive crisps — two combinations that frankly sound like the start of a great cheese board.

Although the Instagram post does not show the specific texture of this cheese spread, one commenter described it as similar to "cream cheese spread with shredded pieces of cheese" and recommended using it on a baked chicken. In some ways, that texture description sounds similar to pimento cheese, which suggests that this spreadable cheese could be used in a sandwich. Given the initial positive response and the various potential uses, this new Toscano cheese spread might be the hit of the holidays — and gone in the blink of an eye.