Trader Joe's Fans Have Creative Ideas For Its New Cheddar Cheese Spread

Even if you're not a regular Trader Joe's shopper, you've probably heard people raving about the store's snacks and freezer items. But that's not the only thing that customers love about TJ's. The grocery store is also a go-to destination to buy cheese, and there's even a mozzarella from Trader Joe's that some shoppers say they eat every day. The chain has also made brie more accessible in the United States and introduced a host of non-traditional cheeses, like a "green goddess" gouda. Considering these beloved items, it's no surprise that the chain's newest cheese product is creating a lot of buzz on social media.

Instagram user @traderjoeslist posted a photo of one of the brand's latest fall releases: Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread for $4.39 per 9-ounce tub. Unexpected Cheddar made the list of the most popular Trader Joe's cheeses in 2020, and the customer favorite already comes in a block and shredded. In the caption of the post, @traderjoeslist asked followers how they were enjoying this spread, which is "similar to a cream cheese in terms of spreadability and how thick it is." The poster thought it might go well with pretzels, and commenters were quick to offer their other suggestions and favorite ways to eat the cheddary spread.

Crackers, garlic bread, dips, and more

In the comments section of @traderjoeslist's Instagram post, shoppers have been sharing their ideas for how to use the Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread, from putting it on cheesesteaks to using it as a base for spinach and artichoke dip. It's even something kids love eating, based on one person who said, "My daughter has been enjoying this with the multigrain crackers. like a wayyyy better version of handisnaks," referring to the old-school Ritz snack.

Someone else was enthusiastic about making "cheesy garlic bread!!!" with the dip, while several shared the other condiments and cheese vehicles they've been pairing with the spread. One person wrote, "I put a little drizzle of the hot and sweet pepper jelly with the spread on a cracker. delicious!" Another Trader Joe's fan eats this spread with the store's new apple cider jam and naan crackers, while someone else is really ringing in the fall season with pumpkin cranberry crisps. On that note, for anyone hosting a party, the Unexpected Cheddar Cheese spread would make a creamier addition to the perfect charcuterie board.

In other cheesy, fall-themed food news, customers are also excited about Trader Joes' returning butternut squash mac & cheese, almost guaranteed to run out at a freezer section near you.