McDonald's Customers Are Disappointed With Its New Burger And McFlurry Announcement

Not every holiday treat is a winner. Though the dark and cold months often bring loads of fun new treats, like Starbucks' six new holiday drinks or Wendy's peppermint Frosty, there's also a lot of flops that come out during the season of family and festivities. Consider the disdain people had for Trader Joe's advent calendars, which caused the grocery chain to get brutally roasted on Instagram. Then there's the Raclette Burger that Shake Shack released (per HypeBae). It might be delicious, but it's only available in the U.K.

McDonald's was trying to join into the holiday frenzy by offering up a new burger along with a new McFlurry flavor as a gift to its customers, according to a press release from the company (via PR Newswire). The fast-food chain was attempting to upgrade two of its popular items by giving folks a quarter pounder with a smoky flavor, and a dessert that had a bit of hot fudge mixed in with its classic McFlurry soft serve ice cream. Unfortunately, both of these new goodies appear to be leaving customers unhappy to start the season.

Customers blast McDonald's for 'uncreative' additions

Reddit is the place to go to discuss anything, including the best drive-thru chains and quick eats around the world. It's where folks can praise the new Krispy Kreme Thanksgiving Mini Pie Doughnuts or celebrate the return of Taco Bell's Enchirito. It's also where people went to vent their frustration with McDonald's "uncreative" menu items.

In the thread about the smoky quarter pounder and fudge McFlurry, the major complaint was that McDonald's wasn't doing anything new. The top-voted comment summed up many people's feelings, which is that McDonald's, "used to come out with new menu items pretty regularly, now it's just a sauce. This all already exists." Another person echoed the same disgust, saying, "All the interesting items are on the other side of the world. Here we get the same old stuff with a marketing twist."

Another person didn't even feel one of these items was a valid marketing ploy, asking, "Can't you add fudge to an oreo mcflurry anyways?" (The answer is yes.) Throughout the thread, others agreed that the two items weren't unique enough to add any value to the menu. It seems it's going to take more to pull fans away from their holiday favorites than these two releases.