Facebook Is Freaking Out Over Costco's Chicken Breast Price Drop

If you frequent Costco, there are likely many reasons that keep you coming back to the grocery giant. In addition to wanting to use up your annual $60+ membership fee, the wholesale, bulk, and specialty items that the chain stocks may also make you enjoy shopping there.

While some customers might immediately flock to Costco's rotisserie chicken as a top item, the Just Bare breaded chicken breast chunks are a close second. Last year, Costco upset fans with an unexpected shortage of the nuggets, most likely due to trouble keeping up with the high demand. Unfortunately, fans of the frozen chicken haven't been able to catch a break as of late: In light of this year's record high inflation rate, the current price of the Costco chicken nuggets has shoppers outraged. Some Redditors remember the days when the chicken sold for just $11, versus a $21 price tag over the summer.

But as the classic saying goes, what goes up must come down. While it was a hard summer for Just Bare chicken breast chunk lovers, Costco has dropped the price of the popular frozen find for the fall and winter season.

Discounted chicken nuggets

Calling all Costco chicken nugget fans! If you have grocery shopping penciled in on your to-do list this week, you might do a double take at Costco's recent discount. The wholesale giant posted on its Facebook page this week that its famed Just Bare chicken breast chunks are now selling for $17.99. While it's still likely to be a more expensive item on fans' grocery bill, each bag does weigh 8 pounds — and its contents have been compared to Chick-fil-A's famous nuggets.

Customers on Facebook could barely contain their excitement once they saw the price drop news. Within 24 hours of being posted, the post has racked up nearly 4,000 likes and almost 1,000 comments from customers around the United States. "Great to hear. I always made sure to stay stocked but when the price increased I stopped buying," one customer commented. Another grateful shopper gushed, "That's a great price compared to last time I bought some!!! I'll have to go get more! Thank you!"

If you're on your way to grab some now more affordable Costco nuggets, Facebook users also have ideas for how to prep them at home. A couple of people use them for homemade KFC-style mashed potato bowls, and another suggested chicken caesar wraps. Several fans suggested heating them up in the air fryer and serving them with Chick-fil-A Sauce, hot honey, and whatever your heart desires.