Katie Lee Biegel Names The Biggest Mistake People Make With Stuffing- Exclusive

We can smell the mac and cheese already. Whether you're a Turkey trot family or a Thanksgiving day parade watcher, the holiday is like no other. Green beans, casseroles, and cranberry sauce are a treasured tradition — although the canned cranberry sauce is always seemingly left untouched. Besides the most obvious dinner centerpiece, turkey, there is one Thanksgiving staple that takes your plate to entirely new heights (and is probably only made in your household once a year).

Stuffing, the holy grail of the holiday meal, normally consists of semi-stale bread combined with vegetables, herbs, and spices, and drenched in chicken stock. One could argue that the most difficult part of the side dish stems from the texture, as it should be a mix of flavorful crispy, and moist pieces. Katie Lee Biegel, cookbook author, and television food personality named the biggest mistake people make with stuffing as Thanksgiving comes to a head. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, "The Kitchen" host also revealed her favorite herb for the holidays that will take your meal to the next level.

Make sure your stuffing doesn't dry out

How do you get your stuffing to perfection? Katie Lee Biegel has the answer for you, and it's all about the spices. The Food Network star told Mashed, "I'm all about sage for the stuffing. That's my favorite herb for Thanksgiving, [and] for the holidays in general." 

Biegel mentioned that she cooks a 'cornbread stuffing' or 'dressing' for her holiday tradition. She continued, "You can call it stuffing or dressing — it's technically dressing because I bake it outside the bird." No matter what that stuffing contains, we are definitely heading to the Biegel household for some leftovers.

On the subject of the Thanksgiving side dish, the recipe writer disclosed that the most common mistake you can make with stuffing is allowing it to dry out. Biegel explained, "You want to be sure with your stuffing that it's getting the right ratio of wet to dry ingredients." As much as moist is a word that is either loved or hated, it's key to cementing the ideal stuffing that complements your turkey.

With all of the Thanksgiving food tips flooding your social media feeds, Biegel partnered up with appliance brand, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove to introduce "kitchen therapy." Seeking a less stressful holiday doesn't have to be hard, as Biegel recommends creating an oven schedule and prepping to reduce kitchen chaos. To all of the home cooks out there — you got this!

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