TikTok Is In Awe Of David Dobriks's New Pizza Shop Dance Party Feature

Vlogger and TikToker David Dobrik didn't make a name for himself as a food celebrity, though he did test a trick for stacking McFlurries on other McDonald's cups in a TikTok that went viral. There was also the time when he and his Vlog Squad got a giant pizza that could fit on top of a Smart car but not inside it (via YouTube). But his love of pizza might be even bigger.

For years, he has worked with his long-time friend and business partner Ilya Fedorovich to build a restaurant and the right pizza to go with it. "​​It's tavern-style pizza, so it's really cracker-thin. And the sauce is very sweet. We drip this honey glaze over it," he told Forbes. In addition to the pizza, Blue Moon ice cream is on the menu, which was inspired by his Chicago roots. When Dobrik announced that he was opening a new pizza restaurant in Hollywood called Doughbrik's, he caused a buzz but not just because of the punny name. As he explained on TikTok, each time someone buys a whole pizza from Doughbrik's, they receive a token coin. That coin can either be used to get a free scoop of ice cream or initiate a dance party in the shop. The announcement inspired some interesting reactions.

Dance party at the pizzeria

While you may not associate pizza shops with dance parties, the move is on brand for Dobrik, who has been known to do things like unplanned "dance parties" with his best friend in videos (via Elite Daily) or have 50 Cent put on a show his [Dobrik's] backyard (via YouTube). Apparently not one to shy away from combining food with fun, he previously co-judged a Chipotle TikTok contest where competitors posted videos of their perfect order. Apparently, the perfect order at Doughbrik's will be a full pizza with a side or dance.

One TikTok user named Kirsten expressed disappointment that the new pizzeria is only in Los Angeles. "I'm gonna fly to America to come have a dance party and Doughbriks pizza place for 15 seconds," they wrote. Another commented, "I wish I live in LA. I'm from [W]isconsin." And Alicia Farney wrote about quitting a nursing job to come work for Doughbrik's. Others posted just to announce that they love the token idea.

A number of TikTok users might have felt awe in the sense of dread and expressed concern for Doughbrik's staff. One person exclaimed, "The employees are going to be sick of the song after the first week lol but I love this idea!!!" Of course, this won't be the first celebrity restaurant and only time will tell whether the dance party will last.