Crumbl Cookies Fans Are Raving About Its Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Announcement

In the world of cookie chains, Crumbl Cookies is one of the best-known (and most popular) with Americans. Not only do they have locations all across the country — where you can browse the goodies in person or order curbside pickup — but they also offer delivery right to your doorstep. What makes Crumbl so unique is that every week, they come out with four to five "cookies of the week," so returning customers always have different options to satisfy their sweet tooth. Some of the most popular Crumbl flavors include Chocolate Oreo, Reese's Cup, and Circus Animal. 

If you're a fan of Crumbl, you're well aware of the brand's rotating menu. This week, however, they're shaking things up by adding a highly requested cookie into the mix: the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie. The dessert chain recently announced the new cookie in an Instagram post, and people are already freaking out with excitement. But what's so special about a chocolate chunk cookie, and how long will it be around?

Crumbl fans are debating milk chocolate vs. semi-sweet

Along with a mouthwatering video of the semi-sweet chocolate chunk cookie in all of its gooey goodness, Crumbl also shared a description of the new treat on Instagram. "Chocolate chip, but make it chunky—a delicious cookie filled with irresistible semi-sweet chocolate chunks and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt," the caption reads. Followers quickly chimed in with their excitement over the release. "Semi-Sweet fans unite!!!" one person wrote (with over 1,000 likes), while another said, "It's about damn time." 

Why is the release such a big deal? "Crumbl's award-winning milk chocolate chip cookie has always been on the menu," per the chain's website, so this new flavor is a sign that the classic's reign could be coming to an end. As for whether or not the semi-sweet version is here to stay? When asked the big question in the Instagram comments, Crumbl responded that it might be — but it might not. It all depends on orders. Through December 4, Crumbl will be testing out which cookie (milk chocolate vs. semi-sweet) is more popular with its customers. The winner will reportedly stay on the menu. 

While plenty of Instagrammers seemed excited for the newcomer, others defended their old favorite. "The ppl who want semi sweet are definitely a loud minority, y'all won an award for the milk chocolate chip for a reason!!" one fan argued. Semi-sweet chips, meanwhile, are a popular choice for cookies over other types of chocolate for their perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness — it's a tough race.