Stuffing Pants Are Triumphantly Returning For Stove Top's 50th Anniversary

Thanksgiving dinner is all about indulgence and gluttony. Between the turkey, sides, cranberry, stuffing, and dessert, you're guaranteed to be feeling as stuffed as the bird. Insider reports that Americans eat between 2,500 and 4,500 calories during the Thanksgiving meal. Compare this to the daily average calorie consumption of about 2,000 calories and it's no surprise why you may come away feeling a bit heavier. No one wants to be uncomfortable at the table, and luckily there are some solutions to help make you feel better while partaking in the holiday meal.

For those 21 and over, Southern Comfort offers drinking pants to ease the pressure of Thanksgiving dinner. The drinking pants come with a side pocket for a shot glass for when the dinner conversations get a little too heated. The pants also come with a stretchy waistband to ensure that eating and drinking don't get in the way of comfort. Some people want to look their best on Thanksgiving and in 2020 Stove Top released a stuffing-themed smoking jacket. The outside of the red velvet jacket looks like most other smoking jackets, but the interior is lined with a savory stuffing pattern (per Dude). The matching pocket square ensures your mouth will stay clean and gravy free.

This year, Stove Top is celebrating Thanksgiving by helping customers stay comfortable throughout the entire meal.

Comfort and style come together with stuffing pants

In an iconic "Friends" episode, Joey shows up to dinner wearing his Thanksgiving pants; a stretchy pair of maternity pants. While it may seem like a silly idea, Stove Top took the idea and ran with it. To celebrate Thanksgiving and the stuffing brand's 50th anniversary, the company told Mashed in a press release that it will be bringing back stuffing pants. Stove Top originally released stuffing pants in 2017 (via Eater). The pants share the same aesthetic as the box of stuffing. The pants are dark red, with a stuffing pattern on the extra stretchy and wide waistband.

This year, the pants will be made in a new jogger style, with tapered legs. The pants come complete with an extra-large pocket to store extra stuffing for those middle-of-the-night cravings. The pants will be available for purchase on Amazon on November 16 in a wide range of sizes. The pants sold out very quickly in 2017, so if you still need your Thanksgiving outfit, grab a pair and get ready to eat.