Twitter Is Rooted For GBBO's Sandro After Major Semi-Final Blunder

Season 13 of "The Great British Bake Off" came closer to the end as the semi-final Patisserie Week aired on November 8 in Britain (via Metro). With only four contestants left, it was probably even harder to say goodbye to one of them, as we had watched their baking journey for the past eight episodes. There have been ups and downs, like GBBO's controversial "Mexican Week." There have been, tears, laughs, and even a petrified spider cake that made Twitter users take notice.

However, with making it to the semi-final comes high expectations from judges and viewers alike. For the technical challenge, the contestants had to make chocolate, hazelnut, and raspberry vertical tarts. For the most part, no one really knew what these treats were and seemed unsure of what the final product should be. The construction of these tarts included having to stand up the crust and partially fill it with chocolate mousse and a layer of jelly and raspberries. To say the challenge sounded wickedly hard is an understatement. Sandro, who The Guardian noted has been overdoing it with reactions "the size of a small house," made a blunder that might have been even bigger.

Sandro was pure confusion during the technical

While the other contestants put their tarts together, fan-favorite Sandro struggled to figure out what to do with the mousse and ended up incorrectly filling the pastry shell, according to the Evening Standard. He was only supposed to go halfway but filled the whole shell with mousse. Once it dawned on him, he was very upset. Twitter blew up with memes about the confusion.

User @tickticktimer wrote, "[S]andro absolutely fighting for his life like me reading an exam paper for the first time." User @Iostdimension posted a picture of "Breaking Bad"'s Walter White screaming with the caption, "SANDRO NO!!!!!! THATS NOT HOW YOU CUT IT IN HALF !!! SANDRO!!!" Even "The Great British Bake Off"'s official Twitter account tweeted a joke about the contestants' struggles. While Sandro was confused throughout the whole challenge, he still got through the challenge and made it to the finals.