The Worst Dish Joel McHale Has Tasted On Crime Scene Kitchen - Exclusive

Even if you've never watched "Crime Scene Kitchen" on FOX, you can probably imagine that some scary things happen on the set of this cooking competition. The show features teams of bakers who have to examine a culinary crime scene of sorts, figure out what dish they are supposed to be making based on the evidence left behind (aka traces of the ingredients), and remake the recipe better than all their fellow competitors. It goes without saying that there is a lot of room for error on this show — and hosts Joel McHale, Curtis Stone, and Yolanda Gampp get to witness it all.

They also get to taste it all, which can be unfortunate at times. While there have been some amazing dishes baked in the "Crime Scene Kitchen," there have also been a lot of bad bakes. For McHale, there's one dish that stands out among them all that still gives him cringeworthy flashbacks, which he was all too eager to share with all of us in excruciating detail. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, McHale described the worst dish he's had to taste on "Crime Scene Kitchen." Fair warning: It does not sound pretty.

Joel McHale tasted a pie so bad, it's almost criminal

Apple pie is perhaps one of the most all-American dishes out there — but the one Joel McHale had to taste on Season 1 of "Crime Scene Kitchen" was anything but. In fact, you could argue it was downright unpatriotic. He told Mashed, "The worst dish I can say was an apple pie that was soup." It was made by a baker team during Episode 6, where the groups were competing in the first round to recreate some kind of mystery pie.

As if the thought of a liquid pie doesn't have your stomach churning enough, McHale added insult to injury, describing the mess as "raw eggs floating ... we were drinking raw eggs." On top of that, he said, "The crust [fell] apart and deflat[ed], and then it's sloshing around." Thankfully, for the sake of this increasingly horrifying mental image, McHale's detailed description of the epic fail ended there, other than him pointing out the obvious: "It's not what you expect when you cut into your mom's apple pie."

While McHale noted, "I felt so bad for the guys," as they had to go through the embarrassing process of presenting their pie to the judges only for it to collapse into a puddle, we certainly feel worse for anyone who had to eat a bite, even if it was all in the name of entertainment.

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